M. Sc. Physics Programme

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
BIO F110Biology Laboratory
BIO F111General Biology
CHEM F110 Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM F111 General Chemistry
MATH F111 Mathematics I
PHY F110 Physics Laboratory
PHY F111Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves
BITS F110Engineering Graphics
MATH F112 Mathematics II
ME F112 Workshop Practice
CS F111Computer Programming
EEE F111 Electrical Sciences
BITS F112Technical Report Writing
MATH F113 Probability and Statistics
BITS F111Thermodynamics
MATH F211Mathematics III
- Open/Humanities Electives
PHY F211 Classical Mechanics
PHY F212 Electromagnetic Theory I
PHY F213 Optics
PHY F214 Electricity, Magnetism & Optics Laboratory
BITS F225 Environmental Studies
ECON F211Principles of Economics
MGTS F211Principles of Management
- Open/Humanities Electives
PHY F241 Electromagnetic Theory II
PHY F242 Quantum Mechanics I
PHY F243 Mathematical Methods of Physics
PHY F244Modern Physics Laboratory
-Open/Humanities Electives
PHY F311Quantum Mechanics II
PHY F312 Statistical Mechanics
PHY F313Computational Physics
- Discipline Electives
-Open/Humanities Electives
PHY F341Solid State Physics
PHY F342Atomic & Molecular Physics
PHY F343Nuclear & Particle Physics
PHY F344Advanced Physics Laboratory
-Discipline Electives
-Open electives
- Discipline Electives
BITS F412Practice School II
BITS F421T Thesis or Thesis (9) and Electives(6 to 9)