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We believe in innovation through research. BITS research enterprise encourages collaborations that make innovations and research advances possible. By bridging basic and applied research, we’re helping create new areas of research and building the foundations for industries of the future.

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Design and development of flexible thermoelectric devices (TEDs) for various applications

Third National Inventory: GHG emissions from the LULUCF sector 

Risk & Uncertainty Assessment for Railway Infrastructure due to Impacts of Climate Change

Climate Change Impact Assessment in Thiruvananthapuram Division Kerala

Studying the climate vulnerability in peanut cropping system in Gujarat

Implications of Ujjawala scheme for forest conservation efforts in the state of Jharkhand

Undertaking study for mapping forest arears vulnerable to climate change in India based on high resolution computer model based projections

Studying the ecology of wetland and importance of monitoring natural wetland ecosystem

The Climate Vulnerability in Mint Cropping System in Barabanki district, Uttar Pradesh

Scenarios for carbon sequestration potential in India’s forest sector in context of global goals of limiting warming below 1.5degC and 2degC and in context of Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and BonnChallenge on reclamation of degraded lands

From NDCs to pathways and Policies: Transformative climate Action After Paris

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