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International Workshop on Data Analytics & Applications

26th February - 1st March 2013

Data Analytics is becoming pervasive and is impacting all aspects of our lives, directly or indirectly. It has applications in a wide variety of domains like Bioinformatics, Healthcare, finance, social media, sensor networks, Information Retrieval, transportation systems etc. All these applications involve large volumes of data - including multimedia data - and require high performance computing solutions.
Dissemination of common set of tools and techniques for addressing these requirements has become very relevant in today's context. The workshop aims to bring in research expertise, both from academia and industry, to enable practitioners and educators to gain insight  into the exciting field of data analytics. The workshop will provide a holistic view of data analytics through talks by leading researchers, from India and abroad,  in  algorithmic and systems aspects of data analytics and its applications.
The participants of the workshop will get an opportunity to interact with experts in the area of Data Mining, Data Visualization, Bioinformatics / Agri-bioinformatics, Web Mining & Information Retrieval, and High Performance Computing.
The organizing committee of IWDAA 2013 invites faculty/Ph.D. Scholars/researchers/practitioners from academia, industry, and R&D labs to participate in the workshop.
Indian Workshop on Applied Deep Learning (IWADL2019)
Indian Workshop on Applied Deep Learning (IWADL2019)