Student Facilities

Student Housing

Separate Hostel facilities are provided for both boys and girls. The accommodation is suitably equipped to provide a safe and secure living environment. Each Hostel is provided with a resident warden and other essential staff. The hostel rooms are fully air-conditioned and furnished. Both Vegetarian as well as Non-Vegetarian food is provided for the residents.

Students will be allotted single room accommodation in the on-campus hostels on first-come-first-served basis, based upon the date of receipt of hostel fee by cash/ cheque/ DD/ TT.

Room allotment will be made on an established procedure and the institute’s decision for allotment of rooms shall be final.

Financial Assistance

Attractive scholarships and concessions are provided to the students.

BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus provides the students with comfortable cost and time effective transportation within Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. The transportation fee is set as per the destination category. The transportation fee has to be paid for the entire semester at the time of registering for each semester.
Games & Sports Facilities

Indoor Sports Complex

  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Carom
  • Chess

Outdoor Sports Facility

  • Football
  • Basket-ball
  • Volley-ball
  • Throw-ball
  • Hand-ball
  • Cricket Net Practice
  • Turf Cricket Ground
  • Grass Football Ground
  • Tennis Court
  • Professional Athletics Synthetic track

Boys Gymnasium

Girls Gymnasium

IT Services

The campus fulfills the computing needs of students as required by current Information Technology’s demand.

There are 2 Compaq DL380, 3 DL320 servers, one ML350 server, one IBM Blade Center with 10 IBM Blade servers catering to the needs of the Campus at present. These are provided in the server room in the First Floor of the Main Block. The entire building is networked through CAT6 cabling. All the floors in the Main Block, Library, the Mechanical Block and all the 6 Hostel Blocks are connected through Fiber Optic cable to the Main Academic block. In all, there are 500 computers of various configurations in the campus at different locations, all linked in the network.

Medical Facilities

A Clinic is provided on the ground floor of the academic block in BPDC with a doctor and a nurse for first-aid treatment and emergency medical care. A vehicle is available for the clinic for transporting students to the hospital in cases of emergency.

It is mandatory for every BITS student to have medical insurance. The Students must submit at the time of admission the proof of valid health insurance which can be used in UAE. Please note that health insurance taken outside UAE is not acceptable since such card holders have to pay the full bill amount at the time of treatment in UAE hospitals and subsequently get the money reimbursed from the country where the insurance has been taken from. Hence, its advisable to obtain health insurance cards from UAE health insurance companies only. The institute has made arrangements with a leading insurance company to provide health insurance to their students at a reduced cost.


Travel Concession
The Railways, Airlines, and some nationalized Roadways permit students to travel on ‘concessional’ fares provided they produce Travel Concession orders issued by the Institute. The office of the Student Welfare Division issues such concession orders for various kinds of journeys by rail, which include, traveling to home town & back during semester breaks or summer vacations, traveling to places of practical training or to a Practice School Station, and traveling on behalf of the Institute as a representative.

ID Card
Every student upon admission is issued an Identity card by SWD at the beginning of every academic session with validity up to the end of that session. In case of loss of ID card student should immediately inform to SWD office about the loss. Duplicate ID cards are issued on application along with the prescribed fees.
Health and swimming club also require separate ID cards, than the normal ID cards issued to the student, every academic year. These ID cards are also provided to the students, seeking membership to the desired club, by SWD.

Student Welfare Division provides Bonafide, residence proof, CGPA conversion, expenditure, etc certificates, to the students, on request. Also, students can get their various documents attested, at or by help of SWD.


BPDC has a full-fledged cafeteria within the campus that enables all students to have meals, snacks, soft drinks and hot beverages. There is a grocery within the premises and vending machines for snacks & hot/cold beverages are provided across the campus at various locations.

Other Facilities

We provide the following other facilities

  • Grocery
  • Laundromat
  • Clinic
  • Gymnasium
  • Hair Salon
  • Recreation Room