Department of Physics

    The Department of Physics, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Hyderabad Campus is engaged in research and teaching in the frontier areas of theoretical and experimental Physics. The significant steps taken to enhance academic standards and eminence in higher education include innovation and improvements in curriculum, teaching-learning process, and evaluation systems. <p> We are a group of internationally recognized academicians, with research expertise in the areas of fundamental as well as applied sciences, and related interdisciplinary fields. The department runs a foundation course for all undergraduate students. An integrated M.Sc. Physics course is offered with core courses and many electives that are open to other departments also. The electives are designed and tailored to align the students in the line of research done in the department.

    Programmes Offered

    M.Sc Physics, Ph.D, Minor in Physics



    Magneto-optics and Renewable Energy Laboratory (MOREL)

    Polymer nanocomposites

    Ferroelectric materials

    Quantum Dot Devices




    Theoretical Particle Physics

    Nuclear Astrophysics

    Gravitational Physics

    Quantum Metrology

    Quantum Optics

    Classical Optics

    DNA Mutation

    High Energy



    1. DC Magnetron Sputtering

    2. Magneto-optical Measurement System

    3. LCR Meter (1 kHz- 1 MHz)

    4. Fluorescent Microscope

    5. Scanning Tunneling Microscope

    6. Pelletizer

    7. High Temperature Furnace (1200 C)

    8. Atomic Force Microscope

    9. Closed cycle Helium Refrigerator

    10. Dynamical Mechanical Analyzer

    11. High Speed Camera to Study the Flow in Microfluidic Channels

    12. Soft Lithography Fabrication Unit

    13. Servers for Computation

    14. Keithley Nano Voltmeter and Ammeter

    15. Laser engraving and cutting machine

    16. Dual syringe pump

    17. Zeiss Axiolab 5 Microscope

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    Past Semniars

    Workshops & Conferences
    1) Indian Association for General Relativity and Gravitation(IAGRG)
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    2) NS Workshop 2018
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    3) One day online symposium  on Physics of Neutron Stars 2021
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