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International Workshop on Data Analytics & Applications 2013 (IWDAA)

Jointly organized by Departments of Computer Science and Information Systems of Pilani and KK Birla Goa campuses, IWDAA attracted more than 50 external participants and 41 BITS students and faculty. Prof. Navneet Goyal, Prof. Sundar Balasubramaniam, Prof. Poonam Goyal and Prof. Bharat M Deshpande were the coordinators of the workshop. The conference provided a forum to the participants to learn about many ongoing trends and research problems in the field of data analytics. Out of the 13 speakers, 6 were academicians, 3 scientists, 2 entrepreneurs and 2 representatives from industry.


Indian Workshop on Applied Deep Learning (IWADL2019)
Indian Workshop on Applied Deep Learning (IWADL2019)