Matching with the Institute philosophy of integrated approach to the modern areas of science and technology, the Department of Biological Sciences at the BITS Pilani was formed by merging the existing Botany and Zoology Department in the year 1969. Since then the Department is engaged in providing the quality education to the selected students and contributing to the field of modern biology by the adequate research input. Drawing manpower from Biology, Pharmacy, Chemistry and Computer Science Departments, the institute created Centre for Biotechnology. The centre was formally launched in the year 1999 with the active fund support and technical expertise from Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Currently the Department is offering M.Sc.(Biological Sciences), M.E.(Biotechnology) and Ph.D Programmes.

  • The Vision
  • The Mission
  • The Department is committed to achieving high standards in both research and teaching, and to become a sought-after destination for highly motivated students and faculty. The Department aspires to lead in the areas of diagnostics and preventives, infectious and non-infectious human diseases, and sustainable agriculture and environment.

    The Outcome of the Degree Programs

    M.Sc.(Biological Sciences)

    • By the end of the course, the student becomes well equipped with the knowledge in interdisciplinary subjects to understand the need and impact of biotechnological solutions on environment and societal context keeping in view need for sustainable solution.
    • The student gets hands-on experience in basic biology/molecular biology and related techniques to venture into research world for a good career within country and abroad.
    • With practical hands on exposure and the institutional academic program, student develops a sustainable approach in both academia and corporate sectors.


    • The student gets a flavor of advanced research which might ignite his skills and abilities to pursue PhD within country or abroad.
    • In concurrence with the teaching associateship and related activities, the student possesses strength and spirit to motivate students and help them in learning process.
    • The student acquires knowledge about recent technological developments in upcoming areas of biotechnology catering them to different bio-based industries and take up a responsible position.

    Outcomes of Ph.D Biosciences program

    • Upon successful completion of the doctoral program, the student is transformed from an amateur to professional researcher who is capable of planning and executing projects in his/her area of expertise.
    • The scholar attains an in-depth knowledge on a specific topic of research and related fields and can participate in a healthy discussion on the subject with experts in a forum.
    • Through rigorous training in laboratory courses, the scholar can independently handle certain courses and proves an asset to any institution he/she joins as a faculty in relevant discipline.

  • To maintain high standards of teaching by innovating pedagogy, instilling in students the ability to be lifelong learners, and continually upgrading the program curriculum of both first degree and higher degree courses in line with international standards of biology education and to meet the requirement of industry and research community.
    To provide a flexible curriculum that allows the students to study courses of his/her choice (through Elective courses) that will fulfill their aptitude and professional aspirations.
    To provide a flexible, accommodative and conducive environment for faculty members and doctoral students to flourish in teaching and research.
    To create opportunities and a supporting infrastructure for students – through laboratory courses, projects, dissertations, and possible entrepreneurial ventures in biotechnology to achieve their aspirations.
    To contribute to societal outreach by inviting students from other institutions to work in the Department in an internship programmes and to organize workshops/short-term courses relevant to contemporary expectations in the Biotechnology Industry and R&D facilities.

Programmes Offered

We offer a number of courses ranging from introduction to Bioinformatics to Genetic engineering. The course details...


The department is capable of undertaking contract research projects sponsored by a company, commercial organization or institution with a predefined work scope and schedule. We will act as an extension of the sponsoring company's scientific and engineering expertise, allowing it to leverage resources. We also can work closely with companies to define project goals and tailor the project to meet specific needs. Results will be strictly proprietary to the sponsor, and customer satisfaction quality checks will be conducted immediately following completion of all contract research projects.



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