Academic Counseling

Academic - Undergraduate Studies

AUGS/AGSR, Academic - Undergraduate Studies Division, serves as the central node for all the academic of BITS for all First Degree students. Students get guidance and information regarding their curriculum, academic performance and timetable through the division. Apart from providing counseling to students, maintenance of students' academic history is also done by the division. AUGSD facilitates the usage of various academic flexibilities available to the students.

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Academic Counseling

Welcome aboard! BITS-Pilani is committed to high standards of academic excellence. We here, constantly strive to enable individuals to traverse through learning, achieve success and go beyond their success to become life-long learners such that adversities transform into opportunities for excellence. We inculcate in people the spirit to battle against odds and to take risks by finding their own pathways howsoever the road. We seek to develop in each member of the BITS community the ability to work passionately, creatively, effectively and tirelessly for the betterment of our country and of the humankind at large.

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