Student Projects

Student Projects


IFOR, or Intelligent Flying Object for Reconnaissance, is an  effort to build an autonomous aerial vehicle that successfully and robustly incorporates flight control, obstacle avoidance, image recognition, indoor navigation and path planning algorthms. This is the first such vehicle in the UAE.

The group behind the planning and the implementation of this project is Team IFOR, which began work from the fall of 2010. The team competed in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) 2011. During this event, when no team could successfully complete the mission, Team IFOR staved off intense competition from leading universities from around the world, including Georgia Institute Of Technology, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, IIT-Madras, etc. to rack up the most number of points and be ranked first in the world. The team's tireless efforts have seen it acquire high-profile partnerships and sponsorships from industry leaders, like Intel, etc. 

The team is now attempting to go that one extra step: to participate in the next edition of IARC, in 2012, complete the given mission and win the competition outright. The team attempts to achieve its aims by making use of contemporary tools and state-of-the-art technology, some of which are yet to be used by the world's leading militaries and companies. 


IORTA is a multi-disciplinary student-run robotics team of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus with a common goal of advancement in the field of robotics. Our team started off as a small workshop in the college which gained traction due to student interest, ultimately leading us to become the finalists of “The UAE Drones for Good Award 2017” and semi-finalists for “The UAE Drones for Good 2016 Award’.

The ‘UAE Drones for Good Award’ is an initiative by the government of Dubai to create a positive culture towards civilian use of drones. The competition has an active participation by around 1000 teams from above 100 different countries every year. The award of 1 million dirhams for National category and 1 million dollars for the International categoryis the largest award of its kind in the world.

“IORTA from BITS Pilani Dubai Campus participated as Finalists in the third edition of ‘The UAE Drones for Good Award 2017’ for a prize of 1 million dirham.”

Our idea for ‘The UAE Drones for Good  Award 2017’ was based on using an autonomous drone mechanism coupled with computer vision algorithms to track the spread of oil spills and clean them by efficient flight-planning and programmed release of oil-absorbent.For ‘The UAE Drones for Good Award 2016’, we focused on use of 3-D mapping technology enabled by drones to create dense 3-D models for both pre-construction and post-construction analysis which can assist civil engineers to plan efficiently. Our other achievements include securing 4th position in “Techkriti” in IIT Kanpur, India and 4th place in the ASME Student Design competition, Lebanon.

IORTA has never limited the scope of working and always looks for challenges. We don’t stop with competitions. We are currently working on a real-time project to aid the process of construction using automated robot solutions to optimize resources and obtain accurate and safer construction activities. We have also recently applied for a government-based grant towards the same through ‘Expo Live 2020’ for application of the similar concept for construction activities in Expo 2020. We look forward to actively collaborate with government and private research agencies in the United Arab Emirates to advance our common goal for advancement in robotics. We would like to thank Prof. R.N Saha, Director of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus and Prof.R. Udayakumar, Professor in-charge of our team for their help and guidance. Our ambition is aligned with the vision of the Prime Minister of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, which is to innovate and work towards the betterment of society.

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Gear Shifters

Team Gear Shifters from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus first FSAE team from UAE successfully participated in FSAE Italy”

Team Gear Shifters is a group of automobile enthusiasts from varied streams of BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus registered with SAE International. Anshul Singhal, a B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical 2014 graduate founded Gear Shifters in November 2011 with a dream of developing a culture of Student Automotive Research in UAE by creating research opportunities and training facilities for the students in UAE.

The culture at Gear Shifters is not just to promote Automotive Research but also to inundate the character of a true entrepreneur. The team has learned the real essence of teamwork, reliability, hard work, time management, engineering, manufacturing, finance and marketing.

Team has three international participation:

  • SAE BAJA 2013, Tennessee USA
  • Formula SAE 2014 Michigan USA
  • Formula SAE 2015 Italy

We would like to extend our gratitude towards our sponsors who helped us meet our budget of AED 1,50,000 for the previous year namely Transworld Group, Saftech Engineering Works FZ L.L.C, Subzero Motors, Quality International, Gulf Radiant, PA Resources, Al Futtaim Motors, Dodge, Honda Racing, etc.

This year Gear Shifters proudly holds strength of 50 members ready to build the next Formula SAE car named GS RF-30 for FSAE Italy 2016 with complete aerodynamic package and carbon fibre body to get maximum power and minimum car weight.

Apart from international participation team has acquired many local achievements:

The team looks forward to professional collaborations with various R&D and Educational institutions in UAE to help build a stronger platform for the young minds of UAE that aspire to do the same. This calls for help in terms of Sponsorship and Moral Support.

Team works under guidance of our faculty In-charge Dr. R.Udayakumar.

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