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Research & Innovation

In any higher education system, research plays a crucial and integral role. Here at BITS Pilani, we actively encourage research among both staff and students. The Institute accords adequate importance and support to applied research besides basic research, which forms the basis of all applied research.

Why choose BITS Pilani for your research project?

Research is an integral and important part of any higher education system. BITS Pilani, actively promotes research among its staff and students. In addition to basic research, which is the backbone of any applied research, the Institute also gives adequate importance and support to applied research.

Research at BITS relies on the motivated intellectual manpower pool available among its staff and students. Students undertake research projects as a component of their education programme itself. Teachers conduct research as an integral part of their responsibilities since this enables them to assimilate and disseminate the knowledge as well as generate new knowledge. In addition to this, BITS has devised innovative schemes to enable professionals-at-large to conduct research at their place of work and simultaneously work for the Ph.D. degree of the Institute.

At BITS Pilani, the faculty are encouraged to publish their findings in reputed journals and present papers at conferences. Support is given to participate in national and international conferences and thereby network with experts from India and abroad. Recently, the Institute has taken steps to provide support to faculty to file for patents if the research is likely to fructify in commercially viable products or processes. During the last 5 years, BITS has seen a healthy growth in the amount of funding received from different agencies. While most of these are from the government sector, the Institute through its existing collaboration with industries is trying to involve the corporate sector in funding of research projects.

Promotional Efforts for Research at Doctoral Levelt

We make special efforts to interest our students in research. Through various schemes, scholarships and grants, we try to develop students into junior faculty members. Some of these schemes are:

  • Faculty Development Scheme
  • Various research scholarships given by agencies like CSIR, UGC, DST, DRDO and ICMR
  • Seed Grant Scheme of the Institute
  • The Aditya Birla Group scheme for research funding
  • Arrangements for research at centres outside the university like CDRI, Lucknow; ITRC, Lucknow; Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), Bethesda, Maryland, USA
  • Ph.D. Aspirants' Scheme


Infrastructural Support for R&D

The Institute through its faculty recruitment drive has been constantly adding manpower at the senior level to provide leadership for R&D and at junior levels to provide research work force. As a result of this effort, during this year, a number of faculty members and students at both these levels have joined.

Research facilities exist to support our existing efforts in almost all areas of research.. For example, the Institute has an Animal House (Central Animal Facility), which is a CPCSEA approved facility and a Green House along with a new Tissue Culture laboratory. The areas of energy and environmental studies, fibre optics, computer aided analysis and design, flexible manufacturing systems, digital systems, VLSI and embedded systems, communications, robotics and intelligent systems, biotechnology, drug design and delivery systems, image processing, power electronics, materials science and technology, etc. have been strengthened. A number of PC-Based systems and instruments have been added in various laboratories. Research facilities in areas of CAD, Robotics, Fibre Optics, Microelectronics, Materials Science and Technology, Biotechnology, Drug Design and Delivery and FMS areas have been augmented. Some experimental set-ups for process control and materials research have also been acquired. Various Groups and Centres, under UGC X Plan Fund, UGC SAP and DST FIST Fund have purchased several equipment/instruments. The Internet facility has been augmented for providing global information access.

Furthermore, Motorola (India) has established an Embedded Controllers Applications Centre at BITS. Tata IBM has established IBM Java Competency Centre and it is aimed at high quality people repository in software technologies. A state of the art VLSI design Laboratory called Oyster Lab. has been set up. A Centre for Women Studies for gender related research and extension activities, a Radio- Isotope Laboratory, having atomic absorption spectro-photometer, −ραψ source & various radio-isotopes, a Biotechnology Laboratory having modern research tools such as Multi-channel Analyzer, Refrigerated Centrifuge etc., have also been set up to strengthen the research infrastructure. Also a number of machines and equipment have been added to the existing labs. For example, Industrial CNC Industrial Vertical Machining Centre (LMW KODI-40 Klein), CNC Turning Centre (XLTURN), CNC Train Master T-70 (HMT) Lathe have been added to FMS Lab. and facility has been created for CNC training and research. Similarly, acoustic emission equipment, acousto-ultrasonic equipment, microprocessor controlled servo- hydraulic UTM etc. have been added to the Centre for Materials Science and Technology for advanced research in materials area. Also a campus wide computer network – NEURON (Next Generation Enabled University-wide Redundant Optical Network) gives a big boost to research activities at the Institute. A new National MEMS Design Centre has also been established.

In the BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus, new laboratories such as micro-electronics, optics, & environmental and applied biotechnology have been added. New equipment such as a Sapphire Laser System, second harmonic generator, optical table with pneumatic support and ultracentrifuge have been procured.

Technical Society Chapters

IEEE Chapters

This Branch is to foster the technical knowledge among students from all walks of life. "Does not matter what degree are they pursuing, all the students are eligible to join IEEE as a student member so long as they are pursuing a degree with 50% of the Full time. It's a world wide established technical society, not to mention its the biggest of course"

ACM Chapters

The Association for Computing Machinery, or ACM, was founded in 1947 as the world's first scientific and educational computing society. Its membership is around 83,000 as of 2008. Its headquarters are in New York City. ACM sponsors major computer science related events such as the worldwide ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), the Student Research Competition (SRC), and various International Conferences in the field of Computer Science.
The ACM Chapter at BITS Pilani aims at:

  • To bring the students on a single platform for exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience, and trends.
  • To provide a learning platform for students to showcase their talent as well as develop the right scientific temperament through interaction with the larger computing community.
  • To promote computing research among the students & enhance their programming abilities and problem solving skills.
SAE Chapters

SAE Collegiate Chapter BITS Pilani is formed under the Mechanical Engineering Department.

The club has been formed to undertake various practical activities going around the world.

The purpose of this organization is to provide its members opportunities to gain broader insight into the engineering profession by sponsoring meeting that will bring practicing engineers to the campus, arranging field trips to research and engineering establishments, sponsoring student projects of engineering interest, and participating in local SAEINDIA Section activities.

All students attending BITS-PILANI who are SAEINDIA student members or SAEINDIA members are qualified to become members of this organization irrespective of his/her year and discipline.

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Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE)
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