The Department of Mathematics was established in 2008, along with the establishment of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. The Department offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Ph.D. Programs. The department has 28 faculty members, out of which 3 faculty members are professors, 10 faculty members are Associate Professors, and 15 faculty members are Assistant Professors all faculty members are doctorates from IIT’s and reputed universities of India and have a record of good research. Faculty members have sponsored research projects funded by various Govt. agencies eg. NBHM, UGC, DST SERB etc.

Presently the department offers Integrated M.Sc. Ph.D. in Mathematics. We also offer various courses and programs to Industry professionals through work integrated learning programmes. Currently 69 Ph.D Students are there in the Mathematics Dept. Every year the mathematics department celebrates The Indian Mathematical Society Day in December month.

  • The Vision
  • The Mission
  • 1. To foster a research mindset and provide high-quality mathematics education through cutting-edge teaching and research techniques.
    2. To produce and spread knowledge in mathematics to the highest possible standards of excellence. The department is dedicated to giving students an education that blends challenging academics with the excitement of learning.
    3. To provide an environment where students can learn, develop their mathematical proficiency, and comprehend the applications of mathematics in other fields.

  • 1. To be the nation's top mathematics department.
    2. To become a leading worldwide hub for cutting-edge research, academic achievement, and learning.

Programmes Offered

Department offers M.Sc (Mathematics), dual degree in M.Sc Mathematics with Engineering, both part-time and full-time Ph.D programs. Currently, the department has fifteen research scholars and two project fellows working in various research areas. The department also offers several research problems to the undergraduate students in the form of SOP, DOP and thesis which can be completed in a semester. The department also contributes substantially towards the Work Integrated Learning Programs (WILP) of the Institute, specifically designed for the professionals working in various industries.


Our faculty members are not only excellent in teaching but also active in research. They have produced more than 100 research publications in national, international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. We are also offering some research oriented projects to our students in the form of SOP, DOP, and Thesis.



The department of Mathematics has 28 faculty members specialized with pure and applied mathematics, Statistics and operations research. The faculty members are actively involved in research areas of their expertise. The department has a DST-FIST Lab with desktops PCs equipped with MATLAB, MATHEMATICA and STATGRAPHICS catering the needs of students for running their labs/programming assignments for the courses and projects. The department also have a DST-funded Library rich in research oriented books, journals and monographs. The department also provides a well-organized Research Scholar room with individual cubicles. So far, the department has published more than 300 + research papers in national and international journals of great repute.

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