Building the foundation of change

 NIRMAAN - an organisation founded by BITS Pilani students with a passion to fulfil their responsibility towards the less privileged people of society.

Nirmaan, The Brainchild Of Our Students

Nirmaan is an organisation founded by students of BITS Pilani, with a passion to fulfil their responsibility towards the less privileged people of society.

A social Initiative by BITS. What is Nirmaan?

Nirmaan was initiated by Pilani in February 2005 by a few BITSians. It is a Non-Government and Nonprofit Organisation committed to work towards a poverty-free, knowledge-powered and an economically-empowered nation by focusing on providing education and livelihood opportunities for underprivileged people. Nirmaan believes in providing and livelihood opportunities to all members of the community. We belive that these basic necessities are essential for citizens to be able to live a life free from poverty and other societal issues. Our goal is to work towards a society where everyone has access to these opportunities and can thrive.

During this year, the key contribution to Nirmaan from BITS has been working on the UN Habitat fund for the NGO. The UN Habitat Youth Fund promotes the aims of the Millennium Development Goals for better, more sustainable and equitable towns and cities throughout the developing world.

BITS.aid identified its partner organisation Nirmaan as the prospective avenue for collaboration from the UN Habitat Youth Fund and presented an application on its behalf. As an enabler, we drafted the complete proposal for Nirmaan’s "Vocational Training Project” at Warangal; drafting a plan of logistics, infrastructure and necessary faculty to meet budget requirements. Irrespective of our result, BITS.aid’s involvement from identifying an opportunity through to its successful execution was testament to the fact that BITS.aid stands by its partners, identifying and executing on opportunities that fit their individual profiles.

NSS Pilani: Volunteering for a sustainable future

NSS BITS Pilani is composed of enthusiastic volunteers, under the guidance of respected teachers, who always keep in mind comprehensive and sustainable models for development. In addition to the main goals of community development, NSS also aims to inculcate service values ​​in students, and ultimately make them serious and responsible citizens dedicated to improving the country and the world.

Pilani Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Society (PIEDS)

Pilani Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Society was initiated to bring ideas into action. The core agenda of the PIEDS initiative is to inspire, nurture, grow & then eventually bring the ideas to reality through the various services it offers.

An initiative by the BITS Alumni Trust

We foster community development in and around Pilani, Rajasthan, by providing an ecosystem for Skill Training, Job Creation, health, education, entrepreneurship, women's rights and more.

“PARC today has made a huge impact. You all should be extremely proud of it, what PARC has done for this neighbourhood, the beautiful ecosystem of supporting the society, the underprivileged and people in need of critical support. PARC has done something which is absolutely outstanding and remarkable like no other. keep doing it.”

– Dr Souvik Bhattacharyya, Vice Chancellor, BITS Pilani (quoted from an interaction with him on BITS Day of 2020)

Society for Student Mess Services (SSMS)

The Society for Student Mess Services (SSMS) is an official body, registered under the Rajasthan Societies Act (1958), which is empowered to manage the day-to-day affairs of the BITS Student Messes. It employs nearly 200 mess-workers and caters to the needs of over 3500 students in BITS-Pilani, Pilani Campus.

The Society directly handles all financial transactions and operational management of all the seven messes on campus and one all-night canteen. The Society has presently tied up with Sodexo, the international food service company, who have been hired as consultants to monitor, review and suggest changes in the system.

This is an attempt to streamline the entire food service chain on campus, and ensure the students can look forward to good food being supplied to them regularly at affordable rates, by a professionally run body.

Though all students registered in BITS Pilani are de facto members of this society, the day-to-day operational aspects and all other major decisions are overseen by the Governing Council (SSMS). The Governing Council comprises elected representatives from each of the messes, four nominated members in the form of the AMC (Advisory and Monitoring Committee), two nominees from BITS Pilani, and four others. The main post-holders in the Council include the President, Secretary and the Treasurer of the Society. Every student on campus is encouraged to voice his/her opinions and suggestions towards the improvement of the mess-system. To indulge in cliches, the Society is after all an initiative of the students, by the students, for the students of BITS Pilani.

Social Responsibility Initiative by BITS Goa

The BITS Goa Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship Society (BGIIES) is a registered Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, in February 2020, having its office in BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus, Zuarinagar, Goa, India.

The Society was set up with an aim to:

  • To promote, encourage, and sustain activities and programs contributing to innovation, incubation & entrepreneurship education and development.
  • To establish and administer the Business Incubators (BIs) in any location in India in order to promote innovation based startups.

Currently the Society is supporting the BITS BIRAC BioNEST incubator, BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus.

Earth Day Celebrations

Every year on 22th April world community celebrates Earth day to Support Environmental Movements and to create awareness about Environment. BPDC community too celebrated Earth day on 22.4.2021

Events organised

Word Search on our social media platforms where students had to comment as many words they could find to win exciting prizes.

The club also took the initiative of planting a sapling on the campus premises to mark Earth Day.

Earth Hour Celebrations

BITS Pilani Dubai Campus joined the people across the world to show support for our mother Earth and to raise awareness by turning off non-essential lights on 26.3. 2021.

Energy and Water Conservation Awarness Drive

Awarness messages to conserve energy and water are put up across the campus to encourage the BITS fraternity to adopt more sustainable living.

Awareness Drive on Food wastage

Food wastage is not only a humanitarian concern but also an environmental problem. Food is extremely energy intensive and any wastage will increase the carbon footprint in an alarming level. Wasted food in landfill produces methane which is more potent than carbon dioxide as greenhouse gas. About 6%-8% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced if we stop wasting food.

Creating Awareness is the first step towards any effort to bring about a change.

  • Awareness Poster in the Boys Hostel Dining Hall
  • Awareness Poster in the Girls Hostel Dining Hall

Operation Energy saving LED lights

LED lamps are more energy efficient, durable and emits less heat. By replacing the conventional bulbs with LED lighting systems BPDC managed to save a whopping 129121 W. The carbon intensity for electricity production in UAE is *0.42 kg CO2/KWh and hence we are saving 54.23 kg CO2 every hour.

Greener Alternative for Plastic Bags

Paper bags being biodegradable it is far more sustainable than plastic bags. Students made paper bags using newspaper and donated to the Mini Mart (Grocery @BPDC) and Canteen for usage. This initiative was active till February 2020.It was suspended due to the pandemic.

Operation Reuse

Donation Drives for used Cloths

Recycling and reusing of cloths and other textiles create a huge impact in reducing Greenhouse gases and ecological footprint. Every Year ,the Social and Environment Club of BPDC collects cloths ,beddings and donate it to the Emirates Red Crescent.

The Book Room (Reuse of Text Books)

Production of printed books have enormous Ecological/Carbon Foot print because of the excessive usage of water, fossil fuel and paper consumptions. Printed papers in landfill generates enormous amount of greenhouse gases. To reduce the negative impacts, used text books are made available for students in the BPDC campus to borrow instead of buying new books.

Usable papers from the exam booklets were collected and made into scribbling pads which are distributed among students, Staff and faculty every year.