My BITS My Voice

My BITS My Voice


Engagement is the willingness and ability to contribute to the success of the institute which 'happens' when the three major stakeholders of the institute viz students, faculty and staff are feeling fully involved and enthusiastic about their roles in the institute.

Engagement measures the level of emotional bonding and psychological commitment of its stakeholders with the institute. To measure the level of engagement, a survey is conducted and the analysis of this survey helps in identifying the gaps. Based on the identified gaps an action plan is drawn to strengthen the emotional connect of the stakeholders with the institute and among all the stakeholders.

To achieve the goals set in Vision 2020 - Mission 2012, the need for engagement survey for BITS Pilani across all the campuses has been identified as one of the action items of Task Force on Campus Life dealing with Engagement & Extension. To execute this survey, BITS Pilani has commissioned the services of Gallup - a management research organization.

Gallup is recognized as the world leader in the measurement and analysis of people's attitudes, opinions and behavior. With operations across Globe, Gallup specializes in engagement survey.

BITS Pilani is the first Indian University in the country to take 'Engagement Survey' for its students, faculty and staff.


What is the purpose of engagement Survey?

In its quest of improving its functioning and achieving Vision 2020-Mission 2012, BITS Pilani has commissioned the services of, Gallup, a management research organization to conduct an engagement survey. This initiative is called “MY BITS my voice” - to let your voice be heard about some important aspects that affect your day to day life at BITS.

Who will participate in the Engagement Survey?

All faculty & staff members and a percentage of student population selected randomly from all the four campuses will participate in the survey.

I have only been here a few months - there are many questions that I cannot answer - what should I do?

Please try and answer these based on what you believe about the institute based on what you have seen. In case you have been with the institute over a longer period, you may like to answer the questions based on your experience with a prior unit of the institute. If however there is something that you simply cannot answer, please keep it blank or tick the box labeled ‘not applicable/Don’t Know’.

What is the strength that Gallup brings to this exercise?

Gallup has been conducting employee surveys, globally in the past decades. In addition to our consulting expertise in this area, we bring the assurance of complete respondent confidentiality.

Who sees my responses and comments?

Your results are rolled up with all the other surveys that are received, and are reported at the work group, unit, department and division levels. Specific rules are used to ensure the anonymity of individual responses. No member of management has access to data that identify specific employees.

Can my institute see my answers?

No. When the results are ready, individual responses are combined at the work group level, using specific rules that will ensure the anonymity of the individual. Gallup would never release or communicate data that identify specific employees to us.

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