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The Department of Management Studies at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus serves a unique purpose by preparing students for a career in the various areas of business and management. The department has created an environment where the teaching is complemented with academic research, business case studies and project-based learning. In an effort to cater to the present-day industry requirements, the curriculum is designed to train the students and professionals for various areas such as banking & finance, business analytics, HR, supply chain, digital marketing, etc. The Department offers following programmes:

At the Master’s level, the Department offers two distinct programmes in the area of Management:
i) Master of Business Administration (MBA)
ii) MBA in Business Analytics
Both these programmes are of two-year duration and are designed to meet the needs and requirements of fresh graduates and the working professionals from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. The MBA program gives students exposure to different domains of management such as, marketing, finance, human resource management, information systems and analytics, operations and supply chain management. The MBA in Business Analytics is designed to develop among students the necessary skills and problem-solving aptitude involved in the process of data-driven decision making in the area of business and management. With a robust business analytics curriculum, embedded with a strong and unique industrial component, and through various innovative pedagogies, the Institute aims to deliver these cutting-edge programmes in a dynamic and flexible learning environment.
At the Doctoral level, the Department of Management Studies offers a PhD Programme in various disciplines which include Management, Finance & Accounting, Economics, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations Management etc.
Short-term Certificate Programmes: The Department also offers short-term Certificate Programmes in the different areas of Management such as: Digital Marketing and Financial Analytics.
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  • The Vision
  • The Mission
  • To advance management knowledge and develop impactful leaders

  • To be the destination of first choice for key stakeholders viz. students, faculty, organisations and community by designing and delivering cutting-edge management programs in a learning environment that develops leaders who are socially responsible, innovative & result-oriented

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