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Research and Innovation:

A patent is typically the result of applied research that is market-oriented, whereas a paper publication is the result of fundamental research that is knowledge-oriented. A patent is intended to provide financial benefits, and fundamental research is a source of significant innovation. Thus patents are the most crucial part of any innovation.

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BITS emphasises innovation by translating ideas into a continuous commitment to research and knowledge creation. In addition, we also emphasise contribution through the novel and useful patentable inventions.

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Thiazolidinedione-Indole Compounds

Treatment Process for Cellulose-Based Geotextile and Geotextile Obtained Therefrom

Apremilast Loaded Liquid Crystalline Nanoparticles for Topical Delivery in the Treatment of Psoriasis

A Co-Chlorination Process for Paraffins and Poly-Olefins

Polymeric Amphiphilic Nano-Micelles for Aerobic Chemo-Photodynamic Therapy and Method of Preparing the Same

A Microfluidic Electro-Viscometer to Determine Relative Viscosity of a Fluid

A Portable Handheld Electrochemical Discharge Machining Device

A Load Simulator for Testing Winch Machine

Multi-Legged Stair Navigating Device

Hydrazide Based HDAC3 Selective Inhibitors

Cross Layer Protocol Based WANET and Method Thereof for Controlling Communication of Process Flow Parameters

A Bactericidal Composition for Disinfecting Water

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