Department of Computer Science & Information Systems

    AI Research Center

    Thrust Areas

    Our Thrust Areas are Data Science, Networks, Software, Systems and Theory.

    Data Science: 

    Data Science Research is actively involved in applying computational and statistical skills for data-driven multi-disciplinary problem solving. Specifically, the group is continuously working towards expanding the research areas such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, large-scale data analytics, Big Data which could be applied to solve variety of problems from various scientific areas such as Natural Language Processing, Computational Biology, Information Retrieval, Optimization Problems, Computer Vision, Speech and Image Processing, Information Visualization.
    Please visit webpages of individual group members to have a glimpse of the group’s contemporary research in the field of Data Science.


    The world is going wireless and mobile. We conduct research in several areas to enable this world, including novel network architectures, mobile and wireless network applications, and energy-efficient systems for wireless networks. Our research aims to develop tomorrow’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that supports innovative wireless network applications, from big data analytics to the Internet of Things. It covers all aspects of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), including Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs), Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs), Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Networks, and Network Science.


    Software artifacts are becoming on-demand and service based. There has been a massive proliferation of different computing platforms on which the software can run, such as multi/many core cluster, massively parallel co-processors, virtualized infrastructure, as well as mobile devices. Each platform poses a unique software engineering challenge to the software built for it. Furthermore, software engineering is increasingly becoming a team enterprise which is often distributed. Dynamics of interaction and collaboration is becoming a crucial aspect to meet today’s rapid development demand. The main focus of Software group is to develop methods and techniques to help building such software. Click to know more.


    The SYSTEMS GROUP is a part of Computer Science Department of BITS PILANI K.K. BIRLA GOA CAMPUS. The SYSTEMS GROUP is the collaboration among several faculty members and students at BITS GOA. As a part of this group, the team member gets opportunities to share their ideas and experience in general areas of Systems. The research interests of this group include Design and Implementation in following areas: High performance operating system, Real time system, Embedded System, Control System, Distributed System, Computer Architecture, Low Power Embedded architecture, Storage System, P2P overlay Networks.


    Our main focus is to characterize, assess and analyze computation as is designed and practised.  We strive to push the boundary of theoretical computer science to characterize heuristic and incomplete computation that is mainly driven by human intuition. In particular, we carry out research in modelling networked systems, in analyzing heuristic computation using Real Analysis, and in formal verification using automata theory and logic.

    • The Vision
    • The Mission
    • Our vision is to utilize our Computer Science and Engineering knowledge to improve society and the environment

    • Our mission is to conduct teaching and research, both in foundational and cutting-edge areas of Computer Science and Engineering

    Programmes Offered


    Faculties and students of the departments are actively involved in research in the following broad contemporary areas such as Data Science, Theoretical Computer Science, Networks, Systems, and Software Science. Many popular research conferences are being organised regularly by the department. Few examples are ICDCN-2015, ISEC-2016. International meetings such as ACM India Annual Event-2015, INDO-CHILE workshop on BIG DATA 2014 were also organised by the department.





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