Department of Chemical Engineering

    The Department of Chemical Engineering at BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus was established in 2004. In its early days, it was referred to as the Chemical Engineering Group before it attained Department status in 2009. It offers a strong integrated First Degree academic programme (B. E.) and also a dynamic Higher Degree Programme (M. E.) in Chemical Engineering that reflects the evolution of the Department. Over the years, the academic programme has evolved with a strong core curriculum complemented by electives in the important emerging areas of Chemical Engineering. Aligning with the three-tier structure of the University, the Department also offers a Doctoral programme leading to a Ph.D. Degree.

    The faculty in the Department are a mix of highly qualified and experienced people from both academic and industrial backgrounds and this helps the students to understand and appreciate knowledge in this discipline and its relevance to Industry. The Department currently has 20 faculty members.

    The Department has initiated a vigorous research program in several thrust areas through significant funding from Industry and Government funding agencies. Faculty in the Department are engaged in basic research and applied research of interest to industry. The Department till date through constant efforts of its faculty has secured research funding for projects to the tune of over Rs. 15 crores till date. Research infrastructure has been created in a few areas with these funded projects and this is a constant ongoing activity. These experimental facilities are well complemented by theoretical modeling and simulation facilities driven by multi-physics / process modelling and simulation software packages.

    In a span of 18 years of its existence, the Department has seen remarkable developments in infrastructure for teaching and research. It is poised for all-round growth in the next few years spurred on through activities driven by its faculty and students.

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    Programmes Offered

    The Department of Chemical Engineering at BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa campus offers an Integrated First Degree (B.E. Hons.), a Higher Degree (M.E.) and Doctoral Degree in Chemical Engineering. The academic curriculum for Chemical Engineering at the First Degree and Higher Degree level has been designed to allow as many components of Science and Engineering as are necessary for graduates to function effectively and efficiently in the technological Society. The curriculum for all programmes have been benchmarked against the curriculum of the best Universities in the world and changes incorporated to keep pace with the latest trends in Science and Technology. The programme has an integrated University-Industry linkage through Practice school where students spend time in the Industry allowing them to gain practical exposure and relate this to theory studied in classroom. In addition students are allowed to work on project type courses at various levels under the supervision of faculty. This allows students at the end of graduation to be ready for addressing industry and research based challenges.


    Faculty in the Department of Chemical Engineering are engaged in fundamental engineering research as well as applied industrial research. The Department, through constant efforts of its faculty, has secured research funding for projects from several government agencies and industries. Research infrastructure has been created in niche areas with these funded projects and this is a constant ongoing activity. Experimental research via facilities created through extramural and Department funds is well complemented by theoretical research in the area of modelling, simulation and optimisation based on computational facilities created and software packages used. Faculty members in the Department are actively involved in research activities and contribute to the development of new theories, methods, and applications that can have a profound impact on society. By engaging in diverse research areas, faculty members create opportunities for inter and multi-disciplinary collaborations, knowledge sharing and ultimately, the development of impactful solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. The active involvement of the faculty members in research activities demonstrates the Department's commitment in pushing the boundaries of the Chemical engineering field and inspiring the next generation of researchers and engineers. The research areas of faculty in the Department while not exhaustive, include Material Science and Engineering, Process Engineering and Intensification, Process Systems Engineering, Interfacial Science and Engineering, Rheology, Biochemical / Biomedical Engineering, Membrane Science and Engineering, Environmental engineering, Energy science and Engineering, Electrochemical Engineering, CFD / Molecular Modelling & Simulation / Data Science.



    Several research facilities both experimental and computational have been created over the years from extramural and Department funds. Such facilities play a vital role in advancing the understanding and knowledge in various areas of Chemical Engineering. These facilities are designed to provide state-of-the-art equipment and resources to faculty and students working on various projects related to chemical engineering.

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