List of books on Teaching-Learning processes added to library by TLC [View]

Link to International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education [View]

How to start first day of class [View]

Principles for good assessment [View]

Relationship of teaching and research [View]

A longitudinal study of engineering student performance and retention IV - Instructional methods and student responses to them Richard M Felder [View]

Research resources on Learning Styles Richard M Felder [View]

Articles contributed by BITS faculty members

Beginning with the basics on the role of teacher, learner and interaction: Teacher + Learner = Learning (Halan Prakash) [View]

Experimental/Active Learning (PM Singru) [View]

Teaching and Learning: learning directed pedagogy (Preeti E Ramanathan) [View]

Things no one talks about (Gaurav Singh) (Restricted document: Available through BITS email login) [View]

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