Pedagogy Research

The Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) at K. K. Birla Goa Campus annually invites the proposals from faculty members of the Goa campus on topics related to pedagogy.
These proposals may include but are not restricted to the following:
    • Development of teaching materials for courses
    • Pedagogy-related surveys and research
    • Projects related to curriculum benchmarking and redesign
    • Innovative assessment methods
    • Archival work on evolving teaching and learning practices in the campus
    • Creation of digital teaching tools
    • Organization of discipline-specific pedagogy workshops and conferences.
    • Invitation of pedagogy experts for lectures (travel within India and local accommodation).

Year 2022-23

Teaching Learning Center awarded the following research grants for the year 2022-23 totaling upto Rs. 4.6 Lakhs.

  1. Creating webplatform for census and land use data – Awarded to Dr. Solano Da Silva, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  2. Teaching demonstration and application development laboratory – Awarded to Prof. Neena Goveas, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
  3. Extramural Education Program for the students of the Institute – Awarded to Prof. M. K. Deshmukh, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Year 2023-24

Teaching Learning Center awarded the following research grants for the year 2023-24 totaling up to Rs. 5.15 Lakhs    

  1. MATLAB application development for Digital Signal Processing course awarded to Dr. Sarang C Dhongdi from EEE department
  2. Monitoring woody tree species diversity and understanding the ecological dynamics in BITS-Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus awarded to Dr. Saranya G Nair from the Department of Mathematics and Prof. Rajiv Kumar Chaturvedi from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  3. 3D printed machine component model awarded to Prof. P. M. Singru of the Mechanical Engineering Department.
  4. Immediate feedback assessment technique awarded to Sonal Ayakar of the Biological Sciences Department and Dr. Saurabh Patnakar of the Chemical Engineering Department.
  5. Teacher-student eye contacts in the classroom and students' academic performance and teacher's work satisfaction: A case study among engineering and science undergraduates and teachers awarded to Prof. Reena Cheruvalathu of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.