Overview of the Higher Degree Dissertation

Operational details

  • Dissertation is usually done in the last semester for partial fulfillment of needs of the degree.
  • Each of these courses is of one semester duration and is operated round the year  (August to December and January to May). 
  • The aim of the thesis course is to train a student in the methodology of research, to cultivate a logical and creative thinking and to make him express his findings in the form of a scientific report.
  • The Associate Dean, Academic Graduate Studies & Research Division (AGSRD) is the IC for this course.
  • HDD  can be on-campus or off-campus, and on campus thesis can be further carried out in a department other than the student’s own.
  • It is the responsibility of the thesis supervisor to monitor the progress of the student’s thesis work as per the guidelines stated in the hand outs.
  • Supervising thesis  includes the conduction of various components such as mid-sem seminars and reports and end-sem seminars and reports.
  • Supervisors are expected to compile the marks of the various components of their respective supervisees and communicate the same to the DRC of their respective departments in accordance with the deadlines mentioned in the hand-out.
  • The Departmental Research Committee (DRC) of the individual departments must compile data pertaining to the various evaluation components and submit the same to AGSRD by the deadline mentioned in the respective handouts.
  • A student intending to pursue HDD in a certain semester needs to pre-register for the same in the previous semester through his/her respective DRC (details available in pre-registration guidelines by AGSRD).
  • Pre-registration includes the filling up of several forms by interested students which are included in the pre-registration guidelines.
  • Among other things, these forms help the student take consents from their supervisor of interest, HOD, an off-campus organization, the PSD etc.
  • Pre-registration data is collated by the respective DRCs and communicated to AGSRD as per the format and deadlines mentioned in the guidelines.
  • In the beginning of the next semester, the pre-registered students register for the HDD course. Off-campus students register by email.
  • Following registration, the thesis/dissertation work is carried out as per the hand out.