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Wearable, Pervasive & Networking Laboratory

Lab Incharge : Prof. V.S. Shekhawat / Prof. Ashutosh Bhatia
Room Number : 6015 (New Academic Building)
Phone Number : +91-1596-25-5416

Opportunity Available

Project NameDescription
BITS-LifeGuardA wearable computing project for saving human lives from road accidents caused due to reflex-degradation of the vehicular driver
CommunicateA project involving IoT and HCI aimed at helping autism-affected children and young adults
ConnectA project involving IoT and HCI aimed at developing solutions for the elderly people
FlexNetA project in the Software Defined Networking area aimed at help improved Fedearted Data Centre Networking
e-AttendA Biometric Identification-based Multi-utility Project with (e-Attend: the ongoing attendance marking / monitoring as one use case involving handhelds and fixed imaging devices based approaches)
Any-LearnAn Open-edX-derived MOOC Platform Project to work as BITS Pilani's future platform for MOOC as well as SPOC offerings


The lab is well equipped with the listed infrastructure to carry out the research projects.

  • Anextec pocket PC phone SP230
  • HP Compaq iPaq Pocket PC 6300 series
  • HP Compaq iPaq pocket PC 2000 series
  • HP Compaq tablet PC
  • IEEE 802.11b Access point D-Link 
  • Bluetooth USB Adaptors D-Link
  • Electronic Test Equipment (Oscilloscope -01, Function Generator-01, Power Supply-01, Digital Multimeter-01)
  • Nexus -10 physiological monitoring and feedback
  • Crossbow wireless sensor network kit
  • Microsoft XBOX Kinect Sensors 
  • Axis Wireless IP Cameras
  • Beagle Board
  • Bluetooth Ardino
  • NFC Reader
  • Belkin Wireless Adapter
  • Optoma Pico Pocket Projector
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab2
  • Apple Iphone 5
  • Apple Ipad
  • Intex Cloud y4 Mobile Phone
  • CISCO 2911K9 Router
  • D-Link Network Camera
  • D-Link DSR0-1000 N Wireless Router
  • Shimmer- Cardio Development Kit (with 3 ECG Sensors)
  • Shimmer- GPS Development Kit (with 3 GPS Sensors)
  • Shimmer- GSR Development Kit (with 3 GSR Sensors)
  • Shimmer- 9DOF Kinematic Sensor 
  • Shimmer- Span Platform
  • Shimmer- Sensor Compute Motes
  • NI Developer Suite
  • NI ELVIS II and Circuit Design Bundle
  • NI USB Multifunctional DAQ Device
  • LabView (NI-ELVIS-II, NI USB DAQ Device)
  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • Intel Galileo

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