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Transport Phenomena Lab


S.No. Transport Phenomena Lab
1Bubble Cap Distillation Column Apparatus with Data Logging System
2Heat Exchange Teaching Setup with Data Logging System
3Fluid Friction Measurement Apparatus with Data Logging System
4Losses Due to Pipe Fittings Apparatus with Data Logging System
5Fixed and Fluidized Bed Apparatus
6York-Scheibel's Extraction Apparatus
7Gas Absorption in Wetted Wall Column Apparatus
8Gas Absorption in Sieve Plate Column Apparatus
9Parallel-Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus
10Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Apparatus
11Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus
12Dropwise and Film Wise Condensation Apparatus
13Calibration of Thermocouple Apparatus
14Emissivity Apparatus
15Critical Heat Flux and Pool Boiling Apparatus
16Vapour in Air Diffusion Apparatus
17Forced Convection Apparatus
18Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod Apparatus
19Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall Apparatus
20Natural Convection Apparatus
21Thermal Conductivity of Liquids Apparatus

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