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Research Endowment Fund


The Research Endowment Fund aims to create a long-term, sustainable funding support mechanism for the institutional research programs and avenues. The proceeds from the endowment will help fund grants (such as Research Initiation or Seed), departmental chair professorships, research projects and research equipment.

Research Programs to be supported by the Fund

  • Research Initiation Grant: Provided to the newly hired faculty to help them begin and setup their research and related activities. 
  • Seed Grant: Provided to faculty for starting a research program that has the potential to sustain by attracting funds from external agencies.
  • Chair Professorship: Provided to recognize and reward excellence in teaching and/or research by a member of the BITS faculty or to induct a professor from outside BITS. The Chair Professor is provided an annual research grant along with an honorarium to cover expenses for research related activities. 
  • Project Funding: Provided to solve inter-disciplinary challenges, under a research centre of excellence such as Water and Waste Management, Environment and so on. Such projects have the potential to sustain by attracting funds from external agencies.
  • Equipment Funding: Provided to bring significant improvement and accuracy in research at BITS through state-of-the-art equipment. 

Fund Management and Implementation

Our goal is to create an endowment fund with a capital of Rs. 100 Crores, which shall be invested in a fixed deposit (at the best prevailing rates), and the interested generated from it shall be used to provide financial grants to the faculty for any of the above programs. 
The grants shall be disbursed through competitive processes and the details of recipients would be available here.


With an enhanced research activity and output, BITS will be at the forefront of research amongst Indian higher education institutions in India. As a result, BITS would improve its ranking in the various ranking system in India and globally.


Any faculty member of BITS holding a PhD degree with a proven track record of quality research and employed in BITS for at least one semester, shall be eligible for the grant from this fund. The faculty members are encouraged to form group comprising of faculty members from other departments, Post-Doctoral Fellows, PhD scholars, Higher Degree and First Degree students.

Contribution Amount

We welcome any amount of contribution, and we are thankful for your gracious support to the BITS students. All contributions to BITS Pilani are 100% exempt from Tax under Section 80G.
If you wish to set up a Research Endowment Fund on your / your loved one’s name, please contact Sachin Arya at or +91 9594205432 for assistance. 
Please click on contribute now for your contributions to the BITS Research Endowment Fund. 



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