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1973-77/78 Batch Women Scholarship Fund

It’s been 50 years since we entered the hallowed gates of Vidya Vihar, in a small desert-town called Pilani. Bright eyed, ready to step into the big world, we were full of hope no idea of where life was going to take us. The Integrated program with unassigned admissions only made that uncertainty even greater.

Yet when we look back, we find that all of us have achieved something, personally and professionally. Most of us believe that our time at BITS Pilani was instrumental in moulding us into the people we are now.

So, as we come together to celebrate 50 years of entering Pilani with a memorable reunion in December 2023, it is time to give something back to the alma mater.

The issue of gender diversity in higher education has been a core problem and still is. Thus, even 50 years after we joined BITS, the number of girl students on the campus is a mere 16%. Economists among us have long known that raising women participation in our labour force is key to our long-term growth as a nation.

With this background, we have reached out personally to more than a hundred of you and found overwhelming support for raising money to fund scholarships for disadvantaged girls. A target of Rs. 5 crores, a sum deemed adequate to fund in perpetuity, 100% tuition fees of 5 girls every year was set and we are glad that many of you have pledged to make a contribution.

So let us come together and make it happen. While we are looking at a contribution of Rs. 5L or $5,000 USD from every batchmate, you are free to donate what works for you. The important thing is you contribute so that we have maximum participation from our batch.

Do remember to gross up your contributions as, in India, US and Canada, you will get a tax deduction for your contribution.

Do remember however, to please let us know details of your contributions via email/Whatsapp.

Your name and other details shall be kept confidential, unless you want it otherwise.

Let us zimbly DO IT!

Scholarship parameters:

- Full time women students of Pilani Campus

- Must secure admission through BITSAT

- Must pursue Single Degree or Dual Degree Program in STEM subjects

- Must show financial as per the income criteria to be set by the Institute need (currently Family income <= Rs. 12 lakhs p.a.).

- Must maintain CGPA of =>7.0 to qualify for each subsequent year

- Must sign honour code as per Institute policy

- The scholarship will be advertised in the BITSAT advertisement

- Same scholarship recipient to continue receiving the scholarship throughout the program as long as they maintain requisite CGPA => 7.0

- 1-2 Meetings per semester of the selected students shall be conducted with 1973 batch Alumni/representatives

- Quarterly Meeting Reports, Video Testimonials, Student Transcripts and Bi-annual Reports of Endowment account will be shared with our batch


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