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Power Electronics Lab

Power Electronics (PE) is a branch of engineering which requires the knowledge of Analog/Digital Electronics and Control Systems domain. Nowadays, PE is employed in applications ranging from few Watts residential to several Megawatts industrial systems and processes. PE is the integral part of modern technology. Application of semiconductor switching devices such as Diode, BJT, SCR, MOSFET, IGBT, GTO etc. to convert and control the amplitude and direction of power flow to met the load requirements is the main objective of this course/laboratory. Practical design issues are also covered in laboratory experiments. After successful completion of this laboratory, students will be able to design, simulate, develop and analyze the performance of various power electronic converters including AC/AC Converters, AC/DC Converters, DC/DC Converters & DC/AC Converters.


List of Equipments Available in Power Electronics Lab (Room No 2118)

1CRO 20 MHz
2DSO 40 MHz Tektronix
3DSO 100 MHz Tektronix
4DSO 100 MHz 4 Channel
5Multioutput DC Power Supply
6Single Output Variable Power Supply 0 to 65 V, 5A
7LCR-Q Meter
8Function Generator 2 MHz
91 MHz Low Distortion Signal Generator
10Digital Multimeter RISH Max 10
11Single Phase Variac 8A
12Differential Probe 25 MHz
133 PH Bridge Diode Rectifier + 3 PH IGBT Based PWM Inverter
14Transformer 0.5 KVA
15Rheostat 100 Ohm/5 Amp
16OPAL-RT ( Advanced Spartan 6 Based Controller OP4510-300-10Y) 
17dSPACE  -1104  (Advanced Control Educational Kit)
18Solar  PV Emulator- 2 kW, Make -Ecosense
19Photovoltaic Simulator Standalone Terrasas: Output Power 10kW, Open Circuit Voltage 600V, Short Circuit 17A.
203 Phase IPM Power Module
213 Phase 3 Level Diode Clamped Multi Level Inverter
22SRM Power Module
23High Voltage PFC and Motor Control Developers Kit
24BLDC Power Module
25Educational Practice Board for TMS320F28335
26TMS320 eZdsp F2812 with DSP in Socket with Fuzzy Logic
27Nano Board 3000 Advanced  Spartan 6 Based Controller, Make Altium & Entuple
28Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board
29Keysight Make 100KHz/100A Current Probe
30Fluke Make AC/DC Current Probe  Model 90I-610S
31 CT-410 Current Monitor(Clamp-On Current Monitors), Pearson Make
32Oscilloscope: Digital Storage, 200MHz, 2GS/s, 4 Isolated Channels, TFT Color Display,
33MSOX3034A Oscilloscope: 350MHZ, 4 Analog Plus 16 Digital Channels.
34Power Measurement Bundle: TPS2PWR1 Module and Four  P5122 Probes
35Fluke Make Digital Multimeter Model : 87-V
363 Phase Power Quality & Energy Analyzer with all accessories  Model  435-II,Make Fluke

List of SOFTWARE / KITS available in POWER ELECTRONICS Lab (Room No 2118)

1ETAP Software
2Matlab /Simulink with 8 other toolbox
3PSCAD V4.1.1 EE MUL Software 20 User License
4ACE-Kits (d- space DS1104)
5TMDSDOCK28335 (TMS320F28335) Experiment Kit
6NVIS-Hybrid Solar & Wind Energy Trainer NV6009
7TMS320F2812 eZdsp System Kit
8Emulator C2000 Series XDS510LC JTAG
9High Voltage PFC and Motor Control Developers Kit
10AC Induction Motor for TMDSHVMTRPFC Kit
11Brushless DC Motor for TMDSHVMTRPFC Kit
123 Phase BLDC Motor Kit with DRV8312 and Piccolo MCU

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