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Virtual Instrumentation Lab



Items list

PXI8176High-performance PXI/Compact PCI-compatible system controller.
SCXI-1000Industrial Signal Conditional Chassis
SCXI-15208-channel universal bridge input module for Wheatstone bridge-based measurements.
SCXI-1180Feed through panel to extend the I/O signals of the plug-in DAQ board to the front of the SCXI chassis.
SCXI-1125An eight-channel isolated analog input conditioning module with programmable gain and filter settings on each channel. Each channel has 12 programmable gain settings from 1 to 2000 and two programmable filter settings of either 4 Hz or 10 kHz. An onboard EEPROM for nonvolatile storage of software correction constants for both gain and offset.
USB - 6009 14Bit Multifunction I/O and NI- DAQmx
USB- 4432- 24Bit Sigma Delta ADCs
WSNStarter kit (International)
WSN - 32264Channel programmable RTD
 NI 9792Programmable real time controller Integrated WSN Gateway 9 - 35VDC
ELVIS II HardwareProgrammable Logic Controller (Allen Bradley) Micrologix 1500 LRP Series B
Micrologix 1000Analog with I/O Devices.
DC Input Module13 Inputs
AC DC Output Modules 13 Inputs
RS Logix 500English Software for PLC Programming and Ladder simulation.
RS-VIEW32 HMIHuman Machine Interface Software
0-1250?CInfrared Temperature Scanner
RTD (pt100)
RT to 620?CTemperature Calibrator
Thermo - AnemometerFor the measurement of wind speed and relative humidity
PSoC kitDigital Temperature Indicator with data logging with 0 - 100° C with RS 232C Interface
Model No - TT - LVDTLVDT Trainew Kit
ST – 2303LVDT trainer
ST – 2304Strain Guage Trainer
PCI DIOTStepper motor interface

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