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Music Lab

Our Music Lab has been part of the institute’s culture for a long time. It has gained importance among students for its serene ambiance and practical outlook that engage them physically, mentally, and spiritually. The ambiance of the lab allows the participants to experience a state of sublime. In our lab, we have a unique set-up of traditional as well as technological music tools that enrich one’s exposure to Indian culture and music. Our Music lab is used for running various Humanities elective theoretical as well as practical courses such as Appreciation of Indian Music, Musicology-An- Introduction, Indian Classical Music- (Instrumental-I) and Indian Classical Music (Instrumental-II). Students receive practice for various instruments like Tanpura, Tabla, Harmonium, Sitar, Guitar, Synthesizer, and violin, during the classroom practice for practical courses and performances. Along with music practice, this lab trains students for rehearsals for various institute programs throughout the academic year.

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