The Bio-incubation Centre would nurture innovations in areas that can produce “products” which will not only have great market potential but also provide a “process” or solution to several pressing problems that are modern day challenges to mankind. With 3500 square feet of state-of-the-art facility, the Bio-incubator will handhold the start-ups by providing them space and facilitate to test their ideas in the lab and in the market ​.

Enabling innovation in healthcare and environment for a better tomorrow.

  • To create an ecosystem that will enable innovation and knowledge-based entrepreneurship to improve quality of life.
  • To promote sustainable development while taking the innovations from lab to land.
  • To encourage the concept of techno-entrepreneurship, enable creation and sustainability of viable Bio & Healthcare enterprises

Team Members

Board Members

About Us

Dr. Manish Diwan

Head- Strategy Partnership & Entrepreneurship Development at BIRAC, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.
About Us

Prof. Sunil Bhand

He is awarded with “Joseph Wang Award 2015”, by Cognizure publishing in recognition of his research excellence in the area of Analytical Chemistry. He is a leading Biosensor scientist. He has 5 Indian patents, 2 PCT and 3 International patent applications filed. He has also been granted 1 Australian Innovation patent. He is front runner expert in the field of Bio-analytical techniques, Micro and Nano-biosensors for Environmental Analysis, Bio chips and Micro Fluidics.
About Us

Prof. Srikanth Mutnuri

His key expertise is in Clean water, Sanitation, Zero hunger, Affordable & Clean Energy, Climate Action and Responsible consumption and production. His mentoring startups have won prestigious Bill and Melinda Gates prizes and running successfully.He has a BioTechnology Startup Bactreat environmental solutions that works on water remediation treatment.
About Us

Prof. Mridula Goel

Faculty In-Charge, BITS BIRAC BioNEST. She is Associate Professor of Economics and has been in charge of teaching Entrepreneurship courses, often leading to actual start-ups, setting up of a Technology Business Incubator on campus and has been mentoring several start-ups successfully.

Supporting Faculty Team

Prof. Halan Prakash, (HOD, Chemistry)
Dr. Rajorshi Sen Gupta, (Faculty In charge- Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship(CIIE)

Staff Members

General manager: Mr. Tarun Krishnakumar, M.B.A. (Information Systems Management)
Manager: Ms. Sahita Desai, M. Sc. Zoology (Oceanography)
Senior Technician: Ms. Eesha Desai, M. Sc. Marine Sciences (Biology)

Special Achievemets

  • BITS BIRAC BioNEST qualifies for Startup India Seed Fund Scheme
  • Our Incubatees 'Fluoresight Bioprobes Pvt. Ltd.' and 'Feetwings Pvt. Ltd.' has been awarded with BIRAC- BIG21