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Embedded Controller Application Centre

This Centre has been set up in Collaboration with MOTOROLA INDIA LTD. The objectives of the Centre is to impart detailed understanding of important features of embedded controller architectures and familiarizing advanced concepts in the field of embedded controllers through
  • Industrial projects/sponsored projects/student projects
  • Research and development of applications around embedded controllers
  • Imparting training to the industry professionals and running short term courses in the field of Applications design
  • Developing course modules
The infrastructure of the centre includes Pentium machines, Micro controller Modular Evaluation Systems, Micro controller Development Systems, Emulators, Assemblers and Cross compilers for various micro controller families, DSP processors, logic analyzer and other bench equipments.
The Centre is also collaborating with ST MICROELECTRONICS in this area. The company has gifted two of their ST-7 emulators useful for embedded system design.

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