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Centre for Robotics and Intelligent System

The objective of this Centre is to develop prototypes that provide greater intelligence and higher versatility for robotic tasks under ever-changing constraints of the environment. This objective is set forth to make Indian industry competitive by developing indigenous technical skills, manpower and innovative spirit. Each prototype is developed in four different stages: (i) conceptualization, (ii) algorithmic development and verification in simulated environment, (iii) real-time testing and (iv) integration to automated system. The CRIS is very well equipped and is aiming to explore the possibilities of creating virtual intelligence in animated systems. The new computing systems will be based upon the virtual cognitive machines for solving the real world perception, reasoning and decision making problems. The research group of CRIS has its members from Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Computer Science. Besides faculty members, many students from various disciplines work on different projects at CRIS for their doctoral thesis, M.E. dissertations and first degree thesis.
The Centre for Robotics has collaborations with CAIR, Bangalore, BARC, Mumbai and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A. Current activities of this Centre are in areas such as mechanical design and fabrication of articulated SCARA and direct drive manipulators, autonomous guided vehicles for uneven terrains and walking robots; dynamic control of robot arm, adaptive and robust control, modeling and control using neural and fuzzy neural networks; real-time control using DSP and micro controller based controller card; path planning, development of infra-red and ultrasonic based obstacle avoidance module, fusion of vision with ultrasonic based sensing system, global and local path planning in both static and dynamic environment; robotic vision, visuo-motor coordination, visual tracking, active vision and object recognition; intelligent system design, machine learning, computation and virtual reality.

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