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Electrical Machines Lab

Electrical machines lab is one of the oldest lab established in the Institute. The machine lab has DC machines, AC machines and special type of machines. This lab is used by undergraduate students in their regular lab work. All available machines are having a set up bench with latest supporting measuring equipment. Lab also supports students in their different type of project work and various experiments based on machines are performed in Electrical machines course.

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering department has established Oysters laboratory, which supports a full chip analog, digital and mixed signal VLSI design capability through state-of-the-art EDA tools.  These tools offers full-custom and  semicustom (Cell based and FPGA based) VLSI design capability, test circuit insertion, device modeling & simulation and process modeling & simulation. The Oysters laboratory has become a center of excellence in the field of microelectronics and VLSI areas by producing professionals who excel in innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and management. 


1Cbm10 Momo/fccp (Software)
2Virtual Instrumentation (Software)
3Clamp-on Trms Power Meter
4Earth Resistance Tester
5Leakage Current Tester
6Universal Power Supply, Make-ld Didactic Germany
7Electronic Single And Three Phase Measurements, Make-ld Didactic Germany
8Switched Single & Three Phase Resistive Load
9Machine Test System, Make-ld Didactic Germany
10Multifunction Machine, Make-ld Didactic Germany
11Three Phase Synchronous Machine
12Three Phase Squirrel Cage & Slip Ring Induction Motor
13 Dc Compound Wound Machine,make-ld Didactic Germany
14Single Phase & Three Phase Transformer
15 Openlab 0.2kw, Make-de Lorenzo Italy
16Dc Shunt Motor Coupled With Dc Shunt Generator
173 Phase Induction Motor Coupled With Dc Shunt Generator
18Synchronous Machine Coupled With Dc Shunt Machine
19DC Shunt Motor
203 Phase Induction Motor
21Single Phase Induction Motor
221 Phase Transformer 2KVA & 1 KVA
233 Phase Variac (Autotransformer)
241 Phase Variac (Autotransformer), 8A & 10A
25Digital Tachometer
26Digital AC Ammeter
27Digital DC Ammeter
28Digital AC Voltmeter
29Digital DC Voltmeter
30Digital Wattmeter LPF & UPF
31Rheostat Single Barrel(280 Ohm/1.8A) and Double Barrel(100 Ohm/5A)
32Loading Unit (Resistive Load)
33Frequency Meter
34Digital Insulation Tester
35Earth Tester Range 3/30/300 Ohm
36Clamp on Power Meter(Tong Tester)
37Knife Switches

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