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Department of Computer Science

Computer Science
    Our alumni have been placed in some of the very reputed organizations like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Emirates, Facebook and many more.
    Further, after graduating from here, our students got admissions into some of the most prestigious institutes for higher education. These include Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and many more.


    Student NameBatchMastersWork
    Mohammed Shoaib2016-2019Stanford(persuing)Amazon Berlin( 2019-2022)
    Shreya Jain2013-2016ColumbiaApple
    Ritik Panda2018-2021Columbia (Persuing) 
    Rajeni Nagarajan2015-2019Masters in Applied Data Science, IN, USAData Engineer @ Mckinsey, USA
    Alicia Biju2017-2021Ms Cybersecurity, Georgia Institute of Tech, Atlanta (Pursuing) 
    Karishma Damania2018-2022Simon Fraser (pursuing) 
    Vijaya Gajanan Buddhavarapu2016-2020University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Pursuing) 
    Rohit Beriwal2015-2019Master of Quantum Technology, The University of Queensland, Australia.Systems Integration Engineer, Oxford Quantum Circuits, UK
    Parth Ganeriwala2018-2022 Reserach Associate @ FIT, USA
    Shreya Nandanwar2018-2023FIT, USA ( Persuing) 
    Ashish Kumar Jha2018-2022CMU (pursuing) 
    Rishita Arora2017-2021 Google