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CRISS (Consortium for Research In Space Systems)

Introduction of Campaign

The Mars Rover fund is being created for the Consortium for Research In Space Systems, shortly known as CRISS, a 60+ member Space Engineering and Robotics student-run technical research organization based in BITS Pilani, Pilani campus. The team wants to build an all-terrain autonomous Mars Rover consisting of a robotic arm and science module, capable of life detection, rock analysis and astronaut assistance. With its rover, CRISS will be participating in University Rover Challenge, US in June 2022 and International Rover Challenge, India in February 2022. The project deadline is January 2022, with a total budget of 25 lakhs.

Photograph of Project

Project Cost

ComponentsBudget (in Rs.)ComponentsBudget (in Rs.)
Consumables2,00,000Rover Communications40,000
Machining & Manufacturing2,50,000Base Station Equipments40,000
Motors & Actuators2,00,000Contingencies1,00,000
Prototyping & Research1,00,000Overhead Charges1,00,000
Science (Instruments, Reagents, etc.)2,00,000Logistics (Travel, Shipping & Components)2,00,000
Batteries & Power Distribution System35,000Entire Rover Shipping2,00,000
Onboard Computer65,000Students’ Travel for IRC Challenge2,50,000
Sensors, Cameras & LiDAR2,00,000GRAND TOTAL 25,00,000

Fundraising Target

According to the development timeline and competition qualifying rounds deadlines, CRISS aims to raise funds and build the rover accordingly, in total 3 stages:


StagesFunds NeededDeadlinePurpose
IRs. 10 lakhs30 th October 2021For developing the Moving Rover Prototype for SDDR submission round on Dec 1, 2021.
IIRs. 10 lakhs30 th November 2021For developing remaining modular components of the rover throughout Dec 2022 till Jan 2022.
IIIRs. 5 lakhs30 th December 2021Covers some logistics, rover shipping, travel charges, contingencies and overhead charges.

*While preparing these stages, CRISS has taken into account durations related to ordering, shipping, BITS administration affairs, bank transactions & fund mobilization, manufacturing, etc.

How to Donate/Participate?

CRISS is offering 3 major options to contribute to the fundraising campaign:

TierAmount (Rs.)Benefits
Diamond Partner 10 Lakh +CSR Tax Reduction, Logos on rover/websites/t-shirts, Social media publicity, Workshops, Custom product marketing, Progress Updates, Review Meetings, Fests banners, Research Conferences Mentions, etc.
Gold Partner5 Lakh +CSR Tax Reduction, Logos on websites/t-shirts, Social Media publicity, Progress Updates, Fest Banners, etc.
Silver Partner2 Lakh +CSR Tax Reduction, Logos on Websites, Social Media Publicity, etc.

*CRISS is open to negotiation


CRISS is fundamentally a space engineering multidisciplinary team with a primary focus on developing space exploration projects. Mars Rover is the team’s first and vital step in that direction, with possible future projects such as Quadrupeds, Multi-rover coordination, lunar drones, etc. The team’s vision is to do groundbreaking research to help develop Pilani Campus’ 1st ever Mars Rover prototype. If given necessary support in terms of funds & resources, CRISS will be able to complete the prototype successfully. Using this prototype, CRISS will also represent the Pilani campus and India in the prestigious University Rover Challenge 2022 organised by the Mars Society. Finally, the team can also provide opportunities for campus students to explore core engineering domains and build a sprawling robotics community.


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Who can I reach out to for more information or help?

You can reach out to the Student Alumni Relations Cell of your respective campus or 


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