Checklist for Semester's Work
  1. Payment of fees for the particular semester to Dean, SWD
  2. Signing and sending of registration card to Dean, ARCD
  3. Making the plan of work for all the courses registered in consultation with Supervisor(s) / Mentor
  4. Dispatch of the plan of work by email to ARD for necessary approval
  5. Carrying the work as per the work plan
  6. Submitting mid semester’s reports and grades forms duly signed by supervisor
  7. Submitting end semester’s reports and grades forms duly signed by supervisor
  8. Informing the ARD, changes in address, telephone, E-mail etc., if any
  9. Informing the ARD the change of locale, supervisor, topic, if situation warrants
  10. Requesting the Doctoral Counseling Committee for extension of time for thesis submission, if situation warrants
Checklist for Preparing Draft Thesis

Objectives, Scope and Limitations

  1. Are the objectives clearly spelt out?
  2. Are the objectives based on in-depth literature review?
  3. Does the thesis clearly mention scope and limitations of research?

Literature Survey

  1. Is the literature survey up-to-date and exhaustive?
  2. Has the researcher referred international/national journals of repute?
  3. Are the research gaps clearly identified?


  1. Is the methodology adopted described exhaustively?
  2. Has the researchers mentioned all data sources?
  3. Is the research methodology adopted up-to-date?

Results and Discussions

  1. Are the outcomes of research discussed at length?
  2. Has the candidate come out with knowledge addition in the area of research?
  3. Has the candidate come out with publications in international/national journals of repute?
  4. Has the candidate presented his work in international/national conferences?

Conclusions and Future Scope of Work

  1. Are the conclusions clearly spelt out?
  2. Has the candidate mentioned specific contributions to the field of research?
  3. Has the candidate mentioned future scope of work?

Literature References

  1. Is the citation of references done in standard format?
  2. Are all the references cited in the text?
  3. Are the references relevant and adequate to the work?

Documentation of Thesis

  1. Is the flow of writing logical?
  2. Has the candidate made sections/subsections to explain his work?
  3. Are the figures/tables presently neatly and clearly with proper and consistent captions?
  4. Is the list of tables, figures, symbols/acronyms given in the thesis?
  5. Has the candidate attached a proper acknowledgement?
  6. Are the appendices appended properly to the thesis?
  7. Has the candidate appended list of papers published/presented on the thesis?
  8. Has the candidate included brief biography of himself and his supervisor (about one page each) towards the end of the thesis?
Checklist for Pre-Submission Seminar on Ph D Thesis
  1. Completion of 40 units in Ph D Thesis course.
  2. Completion of the research work and preparation of thesis duly checked and certified by your supervisor(s) following the guidelines for preparing the draft thesis.
  3. Submission of two copies of the thesis for review by the members of the Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC) to DRC.
  4. Obtaining the comments of the members of DAC on the thesis.
  5. Preparation of presentation for approximately 30 to 35 minutes using Power Point. The presentation must cover the following…
    • Objectives and Scope of the Study
    • Literature review (briefly 2-3 slides only)
    • Identification of the research gaps based on literature review
    • Problem Formulation
    • Research Methodology
    • Experimentation/ Data Collection/Analysis
    • Results and discussion
    • General Conclusions
    • Specific Conclusions /Contributions of the research
    • Further Scope of Research
  6. Clearing of dues till date of the seminar
  7. Clearing of pending grades, if any
  8. Informing the presentation
  9. Noting the corrections/suggestions, if any, for necessary action during pre-submission seminar
  10. Collecting necessary proforma for Thesis Submission and Prospective Examiners Information.
Checklist for Thesis Submission
  1. Registration in the semester of thesis submission
  2. Clearing all pending dues, if any
  3. Clearing all pending grades, if any
  4. Completion of 40 units in Ph D Thesis course
  5. Completion of minimum 2 units in TP courses
  6. Completion of minimum 2 units in Ph D seminar
  7. Any NC/Unsatisfactory grades in immediately preceding semester
  8. Correctness of name and ID as per ARD records
  9. Approval of the Thesis title by the Research Board
  10. Pre-submission seminar before the DAC and DRC
  11. Submission of grades for the semester of thesis submission
  12. Correctness of thesis title as approved by the Research Board/DCC
  13. Submission of 3 spiral bound copies printed on both sides and soft copies of thesis (in a single PDF format) and synopsis written on a CD.
  14. The student will be required to submit two copies of hard bound final thesis, along with the soft copy, after successful completion of viva voce examination by incorporating necessary corrections (if any).
  15. Necessary instructions for title page and certificate are followed or not
  16. Submitting Demand draft for ‘Thesis examination fees’ in favor of BITS, payable at Pilani and drawn on SBBJ, Pilani or UCO Bank Pilani or ICICI Bank, Pilani.
  17. Submission of sealed envelope containing names, communication details and brief bio-data of at least 7 eminent as prospective thesis examiners to be given by the supervisor(s) through DRC.
  18. Submission of Proforma ARD/Thesis/1 and ARD/Thesis/2 in duplicate duly filled in and signed by candidate and supervisor(s)