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Bloomberg Finance Lab


This fund is being created to provide a Bloomberg Finance Lab for the use of students and researchers at BITS Pilani. The fund is aiming to raise an amount of Rs. 235 Lakhs, required to set up a lab with five terminals to start with, with each terminal costing Rs. 46 Lakhs.


Currently the Economics, Finance and Management Department of Pilani campus caters to a large number of economics, engineering, and MBA students. This overwhelming demand for finance courses in any given semester comes from over 750 students and a large number of students aspire for building their careers in finance firms or related profiles. 

If one is preparing for a career in business or the financial markets, then the Bloomberg terminal provides the much-needed edge on better understanding of the financial markets. Besides, a large number of current PhD scholars, first degree thesis students, study project and lab project students need access to an expansive data source for fulfilling their research aspirations and publish their works.


Working with real-time financial data is one of the key components of a MBA curriculum and an essential for students looking for career in business and finance. With the proposed lab, access to historical and real-time data on thousands of financial variables will be an enriching experience for our students and researchers.

In addition to be of use to students, the proposed lab will also serve as a catalyst for enabling faculty in Finance, Economics and Management department to better design the course syllabus for students. They will be able to include an active hands-on experience of Bloomberg Terminal for course assignments and in empirical research, leading to better outcomes overall.


We estimate every year, 1600 students across programs and courses to benefit from this lab. The on-campus courses offered by the department of Economics, Finance and Management will be the primary users of this labs. Among the pool of courses, the below mentioned course pedagogy will directly benefit from access to Bloomberg Terminals:

Course Enrolment Course Enrolment
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management150Econometrics Methods90
Business Analysis and Valuation180Applied Econometrics90
Financial Risk Analytics & Management50Money, Banking and Financial Markets90
Financial Engineering150Financial Management200
Derivatives and Risk Management200Risk Management and Insurance80
Mathematical and Statistical Methods90Corporate Finance and Taxation80

Additionally, 15-20 PhD Scholars annually would also be able to use this lab for completing their research and thesis.

Naming Rights

Shall you, individually, as a group of Individual, batch or a corporate provide the entire cost of terminal, we would be pleased to provide naming rights on the terminal for your contribution. 

If the contribution received is for entire amount of 230 Lakhs, there is a dual opportunity of naming the entire lab and the individual terminals. Please read about the naming rights here (put a link to naming rights policy) or call Sachin Arya at +91 9594205432

Contribution Amount

We welcome any amount of contribution, and we are thankful for your gracious support to the BITS students. All contributions to BITS Pilani are 100% exempt from Tax under Section 80G.


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