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Automation of Clinical Diagnosis

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Title of the project            Interpretation of Tuberculin Reaction Using Medical Photography and Computer Aided Diagnosis

Principal Investigator       Jabez Christopher

Duration of the project      2 Years (Dec-2019 to Mar-2022)

Funding Agency & Scheme         DST-SERB; Start up Research Grant  (Formerly known as Early Career Research Award)


  • Design and develop Computer Aided Systems for minimizing errors and bias in medical observations.
  • Design and develop image processing algorithms for object detection and performing geometric operations in medical images.
  • Develop smart data storage and retrieval systems leveraging cloud and security frameworks for healthcare data

In this project, Medical photography (not medical imaging) is primarily used to record Tuberculin skin test images. The images captured from the forearm are processed for extracting relevant features. The image of the forearm and the relevant features are recorded twice: first, at the time of injecting the tuberculin fluid into the skin; finally, after 48 hours from the time of injection. The difference in the features of the wheal may enhance clinical decision making. The proposed system eliminates the traditional error-prone interpretation process of the Tuberculin Skin Tests. Using Computer Aided Diagnosis would eliminate the bias involved in the process of medical observation and reporting, moreover the patient need not report to the health centre in person.


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