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Analog Electronics Lab


Analog electronics is a field of study where various electronic circuits are studied which helps in bridging the gap between the real world and analog world.

The important objective is to design and develop analog circuits which will be useful for amplification, filtering, signal generation, voltageregulation,and data conversion (analog to digital and vice versa)

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Scope of the Lab

  • This lab deals with various electronic techniques and building blocks used in analog signal processing. Experiments and projects using discrete IC modules will be carried out in the laboratory.
  • The experiment topics range from study of basic circuits like Common emitter amplifier, Op-amp (IC 741) configurations etc. to advanced topics like Precision circuits, Filters, Oscillators, and applications of Integrated Circuits such as Timers (IC 555) , PLL (IC 565) & Regulators (IC 7805, IC LM 723 & IC LM 317).

Simulation Software

  • LTspice
  • PSpice
  • NI Multisim

Application Areas

  • Signal Processing
  • Communications Engineering
  • Instrumentation
  • Speech Processing
  • Robotics

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