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100×100 Scholarship Campaign for Girl Students

In our quest to create an equitable atmosphere at BITS for deserving girl students, BITS Pilani is proud to launch the 100² Scholarships campaign. This campaign will enable 100 girls to BITS campuses in the Academic Year 2023-24, with 100% tuition fee coverage for their entire program duration. Our goal is to encourage women to get the right set of education to launch their careers.

Why this Campaign?

Can you recall the number of women in your batch? Your program?
Does the number make your proud?
Representation of women in STEM, especially in Engineering is a problem that almost every higher education institution in the world has faced. With reasons aplenty for the lack of representation, we wish that program fee be the last thing causing the deserving, highly meritorious girls to miss out on an excellent education at BITS. With this effort, we would like to improve gender representation in undergraduate programs at BITS.

What exactly is the 100² Scholarships Campaign?

Through the 100² Scholarships campaign to be fully supported by Alumni and CSR funding, we wish to select and encourage highly deserving, meritorious top BITSAT rankers to study at BITS. The scholarship would include 100% waiver of the tuition fee for the entire duration of their program (could be 4 or 5 years depending on single or dual degree), subject to the students maintaining acceptable level of scholastic standing, and abiding by the general code of conduct at BITS campuses. We aim to alleviate the financial burden on the scholarly girls, and help them set a foundation for achieving their aspirations.

How can I donate to this campaign?

All donations small or big are welcome! You can either donate to a general pool of donations, or seek naming rights for your donation. The following will help you understand this better:

  •  If your donation is less than 1 year of Tuition Fee, consider donating to the 100² Scholarships Fund.
  •  If you wish to donate to cover tuition fee for any duration 1, 2,3,4 or 5 years, we would be happy to name the scholarship on your / your loved one’s name.
  •  For donors in the US, corporate matching is available. Please reach out to for enabling corporate donations at your organization.

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits
At present, we shall be able to provide 100% tax benefits for India, USA, and Canada. You can also donate from anywhere in the world to this campaign, but we shall not be able to provide tax benefits on your donation.
We would soon be adding more countries, so please watch out for this space.
Please click each country to see how you can donate,
India | Rest of the World | US | Canada

Reporting and Governance

  • This campaign would be implemented with complete transparency and accountability. We shall,
    Disclose the Top Girls BITSAT rankers.
  • Share periodical academic performance report with the donors.
  • Share any achievements by the supported scholars.
  • Send Campaign finances details to the donors on a periodical basis.

All donations to this campaign shall go towards the tuition fee waiver of the girl students under merit. BITS shall not charge any administration fee towards managing or running this campaign. For any particular year, the number of scholarships shall depend on the funds raised.

Questions or Feedback?

Please write to for any queries on this campaign. Alternatively, you may write to the Dean Alumni Relations at for more details.
100x100 Scholarship Campaign for Girl Students.


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