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Unveiling Purpose: Aastha Bhardwaj’s Journey of Passion and Leadership

Unveiling Purpose: Aastha Bhardwaj's Journey of Passion and Leadership


Aastha Bhardwaj, a graduate of BITS Pilani (Dubai, ‘17), is a distinguished figure in the realm of technology, healthcare, and management, marked by her exceptional academic record and professional achievements. A graduate of the Birla Institute of Technology, Dubai, in Electronics and Communication Engineering with a CGPA of 9.66/10, Aastha has leveraged her expertise during a six-year tenure at Abbott in the Middle East as a Product Implementation Specialist. She is expanding her horizons as an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to leadership and innovation. Aastha’s journey is a testament to her dedication and influence, serving as a beacon for aspiring women leaders in technology and beyond.

During your time at BITS Pilani Dubai, you were heavily involved in the editorial board and even launched initiatives like ‘incognito.’ What motivated you to start this project, and what impact did it have on campus?

I started ‘incognito’ to provide a safe space where students could express themselves anonymously. This initiative fostered a sense of community and open communication on campus, allowing students to share thoughts and ideas without fearing judgment. Seeing how it helped many come forward with their stories was rewarding, boosting their confidence and engagement.

You’ve developed an impressive array of skills, from leadership to event coordination. How have these experiences shaped your career aspirations? 

These roles honed my capabilities in managing diverse teams and logistics, which are crucial in any management role. Learning to motivate team members and minimize strategic losses was particularly significant. These experiences confirmed my passion for management and led me to seek roles where I could apply these skills on a larger scale.

What role have your professors and mentors played in your professional journey?

My professors were more than educators; they were mentors who guided me not just academically but also in my career decisions. Their advice and support have been invaluable, and maintaining strong ties with them has enriched my professional network and continued my learning beyond college.

You mentioned that the nanoscience and MEMS course at BITS piqued your interest. How did this influence your internship at ISRO and your career direction?

That course opened my eyes to the fascinating world of micro-electromechanical systems and their applications. At ISRO, I applied my knowledge to biosensors, focusing on innovative implementations and silicon manufacturing techniques. This experience was pivotal in blending my interests in management and technology, guiding me toward product management.

How have the insights from your Wharton certifications shaped your perspective on pursuing an MBA?

The certifications provided a glimpse into what an MBA entails, particularly in strategic thinking and operational management. They helped me understand the essential elements of business education that I wanted to further explore and master in my MBA journey.

You've described the MBA essay writing process as particularly enriching. Could you share more about how it influenced you personally?

Writing those essays was like journaling; it required deep introspection and reflection on my experiences and aspirations. This process was not just about crafting essays for applications but about understanding myself better, my motivations, and how they align with my career goals. It was a meditative and insightful journey.

Lastly, you advocate for finding joy in every task. How do you apply this philosophy to your work and life? 

I believe that passion is the key differentiator in any work we do. By training my mind to find joy in every task, I ensure that I am always engaged and committed, which naturally leads to higher-quality outcomes. This mindset also helps maintain a positive and fulfilling work-life balance.