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The Aloha Bump- Redefining the World of Fashion!

Prachi Khadkikar (Dubai, ’10) is the Founder and CEO at The Aloha Bump and the Production Head at Infobrandz. She is balancing out both roles that are equally important for her. She talks to us in detail about The Aloha Bump, a sustainable fashion brand that she founded in 2021. How it all happened, what made her realize to start a sustainable fashion startup.

The Aloha Bump was born during the Sabbatical 

During a trip to Hawaii, I came across a bamboo fabric tee shirt. It was the first time that I came across sustainable fashion, and it was literally an eye-opener for me. It made me wonder why the world was still using unsustainable clothing that contributed to the pollution of the planet. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to make sustainable clothing, but I had no idea HOW?

I took a sabbatical in 2020 and finally gave much-needed time and energy to my idea. Out of that pandemic came The Aloha Bump.

I found sustainable clothing to be non-stylish, and I wanted to produce something that was not only good for the planet but also was in vogue. Through this brand, I want everyone to understand that this brand is born out of love and care for mother Earth, and not a single selfish motive hides behind it.

Not Everything that Glitters is Gold!

Fast fashion brands are a huge competition to small brands as it is hard to compete with their pricing, quick turnaround capability, and production capacity. This is one industry I aim to raise awareness for its harmful practices that are damaging to the environment. I want people to understand the need for slow fashion, and cherish the clothing they buy. I want people to understand the importance of investing in brands that really wish to make a positive impact on the environment. 

Fast fashion contributes to tons of clothing being discarded into landfills across the globe but especially targeting developing and underdeveloped nations. Huge corporations purchase land in developing countries and use it as a dumpster to dump their unused produce. This is happening at a fast pace and contaminating water and earth at an equally faster pace.

The Art of Balancing

The life of a struggling entrepreneur trying to raise awareness in the fashion world, launching a brand alongside full-time job is definitely not easy. I dedicate my time and energy to my work spending ng my weekends or my nights branding The Aloha Bump. Being a project manager and a production head has made me a multi-tasker, and I apply that same skill into multi-tasking and balancing both ends of my passion.