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Spreading knowledge through Memes

Anshul Chandra (Pilani, ’17) and Manas Agarwal (Pilani, ’18) are the co-founders of Scrollify, a Gen-Z startup in the true sense. It educates people about trending careers and skills through short snippets of content and personalized learning feeds. Anshul shares interesting snippets about their journey, future launches, and the importance of memes in today’s time.

First startup & its result

Education for me has always been understanding the concepts rather than rote learning them. I wanted everyone to have the same kind of education. So, while working with upGrad after my graduation, I was building a course aggregator where one could find the right educational course based on their skill level, time, and budget. But, I did not get the expected result out of that.

Pilani se nikle, Bangalore me mile

Despite being in the same hostel, Manas and I never interacted on campus. We got connected through another BITSian after both of our previous startup teams left us.

Manas is more of a design and product guy. He is responsible for all the products that we will launch in the coming month. He aligns the tech team and design team. We have a team of 15 people working with us- graphic designers, copywriters, content writers, product managers, techies, etc., and they’re working with us remotely.

Conciseness of Scrollify > Vastness of Internet

If you look at the internet, it is purely content. Websites are nothing but a medium of information exchange which sometimes consumes a lot of time thereby restricting the speed at which information is consumed.

This is where Scrollify comes in. We have made a fundamental unit of content that has the power to go across multiple formats of information. And we call this a SCROLL. It is a social media post restricted to a word limit of 150 words, a 40-second audio clip, or a 1-minute video, aka reels. 3-5 scrolls are connected to teach a more complex topic, aka Scrollify a structured learning process.

Initially, it was only education-based content. But later we ventured into politics and entertainment content as well.

Standing out from the Rest!

Our scrolls have quirky headlines, tags, memes, tags, start with an analogy and real-life examples are explained through the jargon- which makes it stand out from the rest. More than half of the content is automated using Natural Language Processing.

Expanding Scrollify

We are building three products.

Product Playground: The new hub for learning Product Management (PM) featuring gamified path(s), Scrollify-style portfolio creators, and outcome-based activities. It is basically for people who are either preparing for placements or are working on transitioning. We are also adding a Scrollify portfolio for people.

Insights App: This will be a revamped version of the Economic Times, but the information will be explained through memes, customized feeds and tips.

Marketing Enhancement Tool: It is for B2B purposes. For example, to market a Hybrid EV scooter, one would have to market content for this piece by writing an SEO blog. If it’s in our format and lists down all the features, it’ll appeal more to the consumer.

These products will be launched in February but gradually all will be put under one product.

Future of Scrollify

Freelancers will rule the gig-based economy, where people will constantly need to consume some sort of content on daily basis for keeping up with the working force. We want to build a place for people where they can consume all the important information and retain it throughout.