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Somrat Dutta: Bridging Design, Code, and Creativity

Somrat Dutta: Bridging Design, Code, and Creativity


Somrat Dutta, an MSc Economics and B.E Computer Science undergraduate from BITS Pilani (Goa, ‘23) is a passionate advocate for the transformative power of design and code. With a deep love for visual storytelling and an insatiable curiosity about the inner workings of systems, Somrat is progressing well in the fields of UX design, motion graphics, and technology.


Right from his days at BITS Pilani, Somrat has a keen interest in understanding cross-domain relationships. He has not only learned UX Design but has also applied his skills to various freelance projects. His academic journey has also taken a turn towards the world of coding, where he has explored machine-learning projects, and found them particularly fascinating.

Creative Endeavors:

  • Motion Graphics and YouTube

Somrat is an avid lover of motion design, and this passion is reflected in his work with multiple large startups and corporations. He started his YouTube channel in 2019, boasts a substantial following, gaining 10,00,000 views. Through weekly uploads, he keeps his audience engaged and informed.

  • Freelance Work

Somrat's skills extend to freelance work, where he has collaborated with various companies. His roles as a Motion Graphic Designer include projects for Zing, Dino (a platform for pets), KamayaKya, Titan Capital, Infotelligent, Sateeq, Better Opinions, and more. His proficiency in tools like After Effects, Motion Graphics, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Cinema 4D is evident in the high-quality deliverables.

  • Nutanix

Currently, Somrat is a Member of Technical Staff at Nutanix, where he has been engaged in a year-long internship. He mainly focuses on machine learning, distributed systems, cloud computing, and computer networking, showcasing a broad spectrum of technical skills.

Somrat Dutta's journey from a CS undergraduate with a passion for design to a skilled motion graphics designer and technical enthusiast is inspiring. His ability to seamlessly blend creativity with technology highlights the immense potential of individuals who dare to explore diverse domains. As he continues to explore the realms of design, code, and technology, Somrat is undoubtedly set to leave a lasting impact on the intersection of these fields.