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Signals and Systems Lab

In this Lab, the student will acquire hands-on experience with programming in MATLAB. MATLAB will enable you to study and understand the theory behind signals and systems as well as validate the theory with real-word examples. The lab will cover linear time-invariant systems, Fourier series and Fourier transform, sampling, digital filters, along with several accompanying digital signal-processing (DSP) applications.

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Scope of the Lab

Students will write their own scripts to understand basic signal operations. Symbolic Math Toolbox is also used for Laplace and Z-transforms. Fourier transform and design of digital filter is also done using Signal Processing Toolbox. The Simulink toolbox in MATLAB helps in better visualization of many difficult concepts easily.

Application Areas

  • Signal Processing
  • Digital Filter Design
  • Image processing
  • Video Processing
  • Communication Engineering


MATLAB2019a Version
2Emona Telecom Trainer Kit - 101
Digital storage oscilloscope(DSO)
4Function Generator
5Lenovo M720 Tower model

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