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Roshni Chhabra- Balancing life and living to the fullest!

Roshni Chhabra- Balancing life and living to the fullest!

In this fast-paced world we live in, where it’s not easy even to fit in, there are some people who stand out as all-rounders and do it all, living life to the fullest. One such inspiring person is Roshni Chhabra, a Pilani campus alumnus from the batch of 2017 who graduated with a degree in Chemical Engg and an award for being an ‘All Rounder.’

During her time at BITS, she learned how she can balance things out and do more with life. She was always in a pursuit to explore and improve upon her passions and interests. The key ingredient to her success is consistency. And she stayed consistent by using the ‘time blocking technique’ where she plans her schedule to balance every part of her life. Staying consistent and constantly improving eventually fetched her the first Prof V S Rao Foundation "Best All Rounder Award," which she says is the best gift from BITS she could have ever asked for!

After her time at BITS, she worked as an analyst at Credit Suisse after converting her PS 2 into a PPO. Later on, she reached out to the BITSian community and got to know about other interesting roles. The Customer Success role caught her eye, and she made a career in it. She’s been working at ‘Sprinkler as a Senior success manager’ for the past two years and counting.

She also gave a TEDx talk at ICT, Mumbai, on Die with your memories, not your dreams! This speech, like many others of hers, makes us think and reflect upon those little good things in life. You can notice her verbal prowess in these 7 minutes of elegance!
She thanks her upbringing for her public confidence and nurturing her interest in theatre. So, having a supportive environment shaped her into the person she is!

She continues to balance her work and hobbies even after six years of graduating. She’s able to do this by just sticking to her habits like time blocking and keeping her curiosity as high as it always has been.

Her idea of fun during her BITS days was to enjoy the company of her friends, have good food, have long chats, and walk around the campus. She's grateful to her alma mater for all the memories she cherishes and the lessons she remembers.

Her gratitude and love for BITS have manifested in her role as a CMO for BITSAA. She thanks the BITSian community and alumni for how they continue to amaze her, and she's open arms to helping people.


In conclusion, she’s a fascinating personality filled with curiosity and drive, moving closer to excellence one step at a time! Her story is a testament to how determination and consistency combined with curiosity can take us places we might not have even imagined!