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Rocking the boat from engineering to legal enterprise

Akshat Singhal (Pilani, ’11) is the founder and CEO of Legistify, a legal technology company. He is also a charter member of TiE Delhi-NCR and has been felicitated by BW Legal 30 under 30 in the past. With a background in business and engineering, he focuses on product development and exploring the next technology leap in the legal industry. Legistify is India’s first-of-its-kind single integrated, intelligent and intuitive, enterprise legal management suite.


Legistify, a company that is experiencing rapid growth, is India’s leading legal tech company. The high satisfaction rate of the clients has helped the company work with more than 250 large enterprise clients. Legistify has backing from some of the leading investors, including Y-Combinator, Indiamart, and GSF.

We started the company when technology was starting to shape the changing legal industry. I recognized the areas in the legal industry that could be disrupted by technology, and worked hard to create value for our customers, the clients, and the industry.

Legistify offers a single platform that can be used for effectively managing contracts, litigation, legal notices, and intellectual property. Our product-leveraged company also uses AI & ML to provide insights and intelligence based on historic case data specific to India. At present, we are being used by more than 300 large enterprises across multiple countries.

Clients & services offered to them

Companies like IDBI Bank, SBI Insurance, Dabur to name a few, who are now customers have used Legacy ERP softwares in the past, but they have found it difficult to keep up with the amount of new litigation filed against them, tracking contractual obligations and much more. Legistify’s customizable and state of the art software has helped them overcome all these challenges and fully control all related activities within their organization. LegisTrak also provides a central overview of all the legal activity taking place in the company, making it easy to track and manage.

Our popular modules include, among others, contract management, automated IP management, legal notices workflow, and the PAN India lawyer marketplace.

The product solves many of the challenges faced by clients in their internal legal operations, such as being inefficient, lacking digitization, having a high level of routine that is done without automation, and being reliant on referrals and half-baked information.

Standing out from the crowd

The following points make Legistify stand out from the crowd.

  • Our team has a mix of experienced legal and technical professionals, which helps us innovate and serve our customers better.
  • Our product is customizable and intelligent, compared to other basic solutions.
  • We value our customers and strive to bring immense value to their work.

Future of Legistify

Legistify believes that the legal industry is in the midst of a major technological change and that this change is being driven by the development of tools like Covid. Legistify is committed to helping to bring this change about, by using its technology to help users make more informed decisions about their cases.