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Joyal Arya

Research Area

Ecology and Public Policy

Ph.D. Supervisor

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Chaturvedi

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Research Type

Full Time

Research Year


Ph.D. Status


Joyal Arya has obtained masters in the disciplines of Botany (MSU, Vadodara) and Remote Sensing & GIS (IIRS, ISRO). My expertise spans across Plant Identification, Spatial Ecology, Remote Sensing & GIS, as well as Machine Learning & AI, and Modelling for Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Joyal have previously served as an Associate GIS Analyst in a software firm and presently working as a Doctoral researcher and Research Fellow in the ISEF project, focusing on "Capacity Building for Modelling India’s Long-Term Land Use Emissions." Currently, Joyal works on the Integrated Assessment Models for monitoring India’s Land-Use Emissions. Joyal has a keen interest in watching rom-coms and enjoys playing both Badminton and Cricket.