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Research Scholars

Haridev S R

Ph.D. Topic

The role of effective action in quantum theories of gravity

Research Area

High Energy Physics Theory

Ph.D. Supervisor

Dr. Prasant Kumar Samantray 


Research Type

Full Time

Ph.D. Status



  1. Revisiting vacuum energy in compact spacetimes, SR Haridev, P Samantray, Physics Letters B 835, 137489 (2022).
  2. On Aspects of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Rindler and Anti-de Sitter spacetimes for the Linear Sigma Model, P Basu, H S R, P Samantray, Phys. Rev. D 107, 105004 (2023).
  3. On the Observer Dependence of the Quantum Effective Potential, P Basu, H S R, P Samantray, arXiv: 2303.04039 (2023).

Notable Achievements

  1. DST International Travel Grant for attending and presenting research paper at the Fourth European Physical Society Conference on Gravitation: Black Holes (2023) at University of Valencia, Spain.