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Encouraging innovation, laying the groundwork for future industries by bridging the gap between basic & applied research.

Research Projects Founded at BITS

We believe in innovation through research. BITS research enterprise encourages collaborations that make innovations and research advances possible. By bridging basic and applied research, we’re helping create new areas of research and building the foundations for industries of the future.

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Development of Dielectric Resonator based Displacement Sensor

Exploring the synergism of PPAR-Y agonist and HDAC inhibitor for reversal of Alzheimers type of dementia and developing their brain targeted nano-carrier system for effective treatment

Soft Computing framework based Integrated Multi Sensor Array for Water Quality Assessment: Targeting fluoride as major parameter

Electro-optical response of Nematic Liquid Crystals doped with nanorods

Efficacy & Effectiveness of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Activities for Health Awareness and Promotion among Women in Rajasthan: Towards a HOPE Approach

Development & Validation of a Prototype of a Web/Mobile App Based Positive Psychological Intervention for Adolescents

Epistemology Revisited: Postmodern Discourse alternative forms of cognition and interdisclipnary of knowledge

Asymmetric synthesis of [2.2.2] azabicyclo-isoquinuclidine derivatives: Towards the synthesis of related alkaloids

Crime Analysis and study for safe cities with emphasis on women safety using technology and societal participation

“Probing the Nature of Intermolecular X–H…Se (X = O and N) Hydrogen Bonding Interactions using Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy”

Mathematics aided Architectural Design layouts

Production and use of indigenous local strains of microbial pesticides through trainings, demonstrations and installation of cost effective production units for the farmers of Rajasthan

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