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Encouraging innovation, laying the groundwork for future industries by bridging the gap between basic & applied research.

Research Projects Founded at BITS

We believe in innovation through research. BITS research enterprise encourages collaborations that make innovations and research advances possible. By bridging basic and applied research, we’re helping create new areas of research and building the foundations for industries of the future.

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28S Ribosomal RNA capture assay for the sensitive detection of plasmodium vivax

Exploring Known and novel HSPs and HSFs in a thermotolerant plant Prosopis cineria by genome-wide studies and application of genome editing for enhanced heat stress tolerance in rice

Root system architecture and root-omics during drought and thermotolerance in Prosopis cineraria, a promising plant of desert

Enhancer of Zeste Homolog-2 role in Glomerular endothelial Dysfunction during Diabetic nephropathy

Epigenetics of Endothelial Dysfunction during cardiovascular disease

Studying the efficacy of ADAM Inhibitors in treating diabetic nephropathy

Identification and characterization of male meiocyte-specific promoters to facilitate germline-specific engineering in sorghum.

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