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Welcome to the World of Research & Innovation at BITS

Welcome to the world of

Research & Innovation

at BITS Pilani

Discover our dynamic R&I verticals, where:

  • Grants, Consultancy, and Industrial Research (GCIR) form the foundation
  • Institute Innovation Council (IIC) sparks creative brilliance
  • Intellectual Property Enablement and Commercialization (IPEC) fuels the future of ideas
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    Why choose BITS Pilani for your research project?

    When it comes to embarking on a transformative research project, there are countless reasons why BITS Pilani stands out as the ideal choice.

    Motivated Intellectual Manpower

    At BITS Pilani, research thrives on the vibrant and motivated intellectual manpower pool that includes both our dedicated staff and inquisitive students. This synergy of talent creates an environment where innovative ideas are nurtured and cultivated.

    Extensive Faculty & Staff

    With 950+ faculty members and 1313 staff, BITS Pilani boasts an extensive network of experienced professionals who are committed to enabling research and innovation. Their expertise covers a wide array of disciplines, offering you a diverse knowledge base to draw from.

    Robust Research & Innovation Team

    BITS Pilani is backed by a strong Research and Innovation team that provides unwavering support to the research ecosystem. This team ensures that you have the necessary resources, guidance, and infrastructure to pursue your research goals.

    Alumni Support for R&D

    Our strong alumni network plays a pivotal role in supporting R&D efforts. Their experience, insights, and contributions not only enrich the academic community but also open doors to a plethora of opportunities for research collaboration.

    Empowering Tomorrow's Researchers: Our Research Initiatives

    Promotional Efforts for Research at Doctoral Level

    We are dedicated to fostering our students' passion for research by actively engaging them in various programs and opportunities aimed at nurturing their potential as future junior faculty members. Our commitment to this goal is reflected in a range of initiatives, including:

    • Faculty Development Scheme

    • Research Scholarships from funding agencies

    • The Institute's Seed Grant Scheme

    • The Aditya Birla Group Research Funding Program

    • Collaboration with Research centres across globe

    • The Ph.D. Aspirants' Scheme


      Research and Development Infrastructure at BITS Pilani

      At BITS Pilani, we are committed to fostering a thriving environment for cutting-edge research and innovation. To support this vision, we have been consistently expanding our research capabilities by nurturing a workforce of dedicated researchers. Our ongoing investments in research infrastructure underscore our commitment to advancing knowledge and providing fertile ground for innovative research experiences for both students and faculty. BITS Pilani plans to leverage its robust R&D infrastructure in several ways to promote innovation and academic excellence:

      1. Research Excellence
      2. Interdisciplinary Research
      3. Industry Partnerships
      4. Skill Development
      5. Knowledge Sharing
      6. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
      7. Global Collaboration
      8. New Centers of Excellence
      9. Community Engagement
      10. Student Research Opportunities
      11. Publication and Patents




      Diverse Research Facilities

      Our research facilities cover a wide range of areas, including energy and environmental studies, fibre optics, to materials science, and biotechnology.

      Central Animal Facility

      We maintain a CPCSEA approved Central Animal Facility (Animal House) to support research in the field.

      Cutting-Edge Equipment

      BITS Pilani has acquired a variety of advanced equipment, including PC-Based systems and instruments, to enhance research capabilities.

      Funding Support

      Our research infrastructure is bolstered by funds from UGC X Plan Fund, UGC SAP, and DST FIST Fund, enabling the acquisition of essential equipment and instruments.

      Industry Collaborations

      Partnerships with industry leaders like Motorola (India) and Tata IBM have led to the establishment of research centers like the Embedded Controllers Applications Centre and IBM Java Competency Centre.

      Specialized Laboratories

      We house specialized labs such as the VLSI design Laboratory (Oyster Lab), Centre for Women Studies, Radio-Isotope Laboratory, and Biotechnology Laboratory, each equipped with modern research tools and equipment.

      NEURON Network

      Our campus-wide computer network, NEURON (Next Generation Enabled University-wide Redundant Optical Network), facilitates seamless connectivity for research activities.

      New Laboratories

      BITS Pilani has added new laboratories to its ecosystem in areas like microelectronics, optics, environmental studies, and applied biotechnology.

      High-Precision Equipment

      Recent acquisitions include a Sapphire Laser System, second harmonic generator, optical tables with pneumatic support, and ultracentrifuge, enhancing research capabilities.

      Technical Society Chapters

      IEEE Chapters

      This Branch is to foster the technical knowledge among students from all walks of life. "Does not matter what degree are they pursuing, all the students are eligible to join IEEE as a student member so long as they are pursuing a degree with 50% of the Full time. It's a world wide established technical society, not to mention its the biggest of course"

      ACM Chapters

      The Association for Computing Machinery, or ACM, was founded in 1947 as the world's first scientific and educational computing society. Its membership is around 83,000 as of 2008. Its headquarters are in New York City. ACM sponsors major computer science related events such as the worldwide ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), the Student Research Competition (SRC), and various International Conferences in the field of Computer Science.
      The ACM Chapter at BITS Pilani aims at:

      • To bring the students on a single platform for exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience, and trends.
      • To provide a learning platform for students to showcase their talent as well as develop the right scientific temperament through interaction with the larger computing community.
      • To promote computing research among the students & enhance their programming abilities and problem solving skills.
      SAE Chapters

      SAE Collegiate Chapter BITS Pilani is formed under the Mechanical Engineering Department.

      The club has been formed to undertake various practical activities going around the world.

      The purpose of this organization is to provide its members opportunities to gain broader insight into the engineering profession by sponsoring meeting that will bring practicing engineers to the campus, arranging field trips to research and engineering establishments, sponsoring student projects of engineering interest, and participating in local SAEINDIA Section activities.

      All students attending BITS-PILANI who are SAEINDIA student members or SAEINDIA members are qualified to become members of this organization irrespective of his/her year and discipline.

      Seminars & Conferences


      Grants, Consultancy & Industrial Research (GCIR) Contacts

      Function/Issues specific contacts

      Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE)
      Technology Transfer Officer (Institute-Wide)